There is nothing else to do. I am still too wobbly to leave the house. It is too cold outside, there is even an official warning “vor strengem Frost”, severe frost (lower than -10°C) is expected. So I play with my camera, and photograph dead tulips.








15 thoughts on “Tulips

  1. Have lots of soup and get rid of those old depressing tulips! Yes, they’re arty. Yes, those are very poignant pictures. ENOUGH! It’s February, and the snowdrops are opening. Spring is on it’s way!

  2. Maybe I cut the mango this evening. Thank you for the compliment Dinahmow.

    I’ll jump into the soup cauldron asap. I saw the first snowdrops last week, they are frozen now.. Thank you for the compliment FN, yes the pics are artsyfartsy, lust my intention. I’ll watch Russian dashcam videos now.

  3. YIKES! I haven’t been reading blogs lately, so I had to go back to your previous entries to find out what had happened! I hope, by the time you read this, you’re starting g to feel better, sweetpea! I really like your photos! What a great use of your “downtime” and lockdown! xoxo

  4. No worries Savannah, just the usual flu / cold / snirfl thing – it seems to never leave me alone … Thank you for the compliment.

    Today I had to go out. I only hope it was no mistake. Thank you for the compliment Cie.

  5. Oh dear, Mago! I hope you are in recovery now and not so wobbly. I am glad you have someone to pick up things at the store for you. You know, the silhouette photos of the tulips are lovely. You can’t tell they are past their best. And the view out your window is quite snowy! (It is snowy were I live too, but bitterly cold… it has been feeling close to -40C all week.) I hope both you and the weather start improving right away. Do take care. xx

  6. No way IDV. In my actual condition a damn efeu would catch me if I tried to run. My only chance would be to grab a kitchen knife and stand the last stand … Thank you for the compliment.

    Thank you for the compliment – we both improved Ponita : I am just slightly wobbly – and outside is sunshine ! But according to a trustworthy forecast the temperature will continuously sink through the night, so that tomorrow morning will start with minus 14°C, add a vicious wind from North-East, and stepping out is no good idea. Thaw is not in sight. Don’t worry about me – I find it much more disturbing what temperature you have to face ! Do not get lost in a blizzard please !!

    “After forty you are not “healthy” anymore, just badly diagnosed.” I have no clue who said it. Thank you for the compliment Melanie. The mango vitamines will come later.

    Yes, a little bit more routine would be good MsScarlet. I never before photographed a mango. Mango tango. I must be in the mood for the bloody thetre …

    ! The GArden Photos Event – Never thought of this, Mistress !
    I looked around and found no band with “tulips”, dead or alive, in their name. On youtube there are billions od clips of Tiny Tim’s tiptoeing, but there seem to be only two songs with tulips – Tiny Tim’s and Tulpen aus Amsterdam, a waltz.

  7. If it makes you feel any better, Amazon Prime thinks I should learn German. We’ve been catching up on the latest episodes of a series called “The Expanse” (Science Fiction) and everything has started translating into German subtitles for no obvious reason, but neither of us feel inclined to change it, so maybe I’ll learn space terms in German. Ha,ha,ha.

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