The Deed Is Done

The fix was in from the start, but I thought that a small chance existed for these “republican” senators to find a spine, of course in vain. Small men are small men, and fourtythree from fifty will stay small men or women or whatever, for the rest of their lives, and the history books. This result is the fitting final shitstain on US history marking the end of Trump I. reign.
What everybody already knew, is now proven beyond any doubt : If you are rich, white, and an amoral swine, you get away with anything in Amurga – simply because the jury will be filled with rich, white, and amoral swine. Even when you try to overthrow the effing state.
From now on, no US politican, not even one of the actual administration, shall ever point his, her or its gout-ridden finger against a country like Russia, China, or whatever dictatorship available, and accusate them of something like violation of “values” – because now it is proven beyond any doubt that all “values” the constitution stands for, are neglectable waste. If Amurga stands out in something, it is her level of hypocrisy.
The assessment of Merkel is still correct, Amurga is no more reliable partner. The actual administration may be different, but there is the possibility of a return of the orange creature, or its spawn (say hello to pres ‘Vanka in four years !), the chance to get rid of the fuehrer is given away again. Next time they’ll do better. Promised.

8 thoughts on “The Deed Is Done

  1. Already, someone is posting a cartoon of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet [from a very old English children’s book] in which Piglet asks his friend, Pooh if this mean’s he [Trump] is innocent. And Pooh replies” No, it means they are all guilty.”

    That seems to me, a fair assessment.

  2. My heart is broken because even though the reality of an acquittal was a given, I truly believed that those men and women in the Senate who had to RUN for their lives from the insurrectionists would vote for the good of the country, and for truth, over their party. I can only hope, once again, the DJT will be tried and convicted in federal and civil courts! This is not about vengeance or hatred, it is about justice and the preservation of our Democracy.

  3. This senate just showed that “da law” is for suckers. It has no consequences when you piss on democracy !
    I am sure that there will many trials – as Mr Trump once said : “Someone should sue his trousers off !” – and I am sure that there will be successful ones, especially those by the makers of voting machines. It’s about money, eh ? But the underlying problem is not solved. And Trump II is not only possible – right now it is very presumable, Savannah. I am sure that you see this possibility as clear as I do.
    My only hope is that the socalled “republican” party is bleeding dry, that more & more people simply exit from this Trump loyalist cult. Sooner or later there will be a third party.
    I seriously hope that the democratic administration does not make grave mistakes ! I have no idea about the interior politics of the US ; all I know is that all that blah about “healing” is imho nonsense – healing whose wounds, whose injuries ? Will four years of hopefully civilian, responsible, humanistic even, politics, change deep rooted hate into “!love” ? Will racism be gone ? Socio-economical disparity that is part of the system ? Sorry, I doubt, this would be a bit too optimistic. The centrifugal forces are there, stay there, and will possibly be enforced by Trumpist loyalists on the single states’ level.
    The foreign part is not easy. Russia needs to be shown some limits ; what Pompeo did in Asia is terrible. Mr Blinken will have difficulties to find something basical – it is called “trust”. Europe as a whole did draw conclusions – these four years of US incompetence and bullshit do have consequences : Why should anyone “trust” this “state” ?

    Anyway, it is over. Let Biden + Harris repair what can be rapired, let them make responsible politics. Hopefully Mr Biden lives long enough, and keeps his marbles together (he’s close to eighty). Seriously, what do you think will happen when Harris has to take over ?

  4. It’s been sobering to realize that all that I thought my country stood for was just an illusion. Six generations of my family that have fought and died for this country has come to…this? And my own efforts were meaningless too? I’m disgusted and I feel betrayed. I thought I had no faith left to lose, but I did until now.

  5. Do not condemn everything Melanie. The whole Trump affaire is a low point, but nevertheless a point in time only.. Democracy, enlightenment, humanism, values like truth, honesty, and the rule of the law, are never “reached” – if so, history itself would be “finished”, and we coukd stop writing it, because mankind would have reached its detsiny. Obviously mankind has not.
    “USA” is an ongoing live experiment that right now does not life up to the expectations. At least for those humans who share the point of view that Mr Trump is a criminal. Those who think he is GOd’s gift to Amurga (do not forget the seventy million votes, please) differ. And are ready to march onwards into history, unter dem Führer der Bewegung

    The whole affaire shows what is possible. The lies must be big enough. Use “social media” in the right way. With Goebbels at his side, Trump would have won. The only chance is to go forward, repair what can be repaired, and hope that some of those seventy millions will start to think. As for the “republican” politicians from a higher level I have no hope – they do follow the ratcatcher even when thy know that he’s guilty like Cain. What baffles me most is that they simply do not have to.

    Yes, it is disgusting. Yes, it shows you what your ancestors and youself were NOT fighting for. But it does not mark the end of faith, or loyalty ; it shows the failure of certain people confronted with a certain question, but it does not demonstrate the failure of the system. Semper fidelis.

  6. Thank you, These words mean a lot to me. It’s precisely all those votes for Trump that made me rethink everything I thought I knew about my country, patriotism, honor and loyalty. I’ve always honored and been faithful to the ideal principles that I thought the U.S encompassed. I feel like too many of my fellow Americans decided to pledge their honor and loyalty to Trump instead. A man, a simple, stupid narcissistic man that doesn’t deserve it! Many people have a need to be part of something greater than themselves, this is especially true for people who join the armed forces. I’m proud of these vets who continue to serve “the people” and not the politics or one person.

  7. Alas, it’s True and a sad commentary of a Nation I Love. I wanted to Believe we were better than this, it pains me that I was clearly mistaken, too many are NOT better than this, far too many, and they live among us.

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