Sunday Music

It was a good day. The sun was shining from an immaculate sky through cold, clear air. I finally tackled (and finished) some tasks on the desk I had shoved ahead again & again. Now there is only one major duty left, then the desk will be empty.
It will become warmer over the next days, so I have a chance to bring my kitchen into a working order – it is unbelievable how cold such a small room can become. Then I will check my vehicle again, because I received an official note informing me that work (horribile dictu !) will start again on Monday in a week. With a little luck, the worst part of the pandemic will be over by then, at least here in the middle of Europe, hopefully in other parts of the world too. Masks and all will stay with us for considerable time.
Today’s Sunday Music are three little pieces, Trois Miniatures Pastorales composed by Frank BRIDGE (1879-1941) (Ger., Eng.), performed by Ashley WASS (Eng.).
I hope you enjoy the music. May we face a peaceful week.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Avert your eyes Melanie – I do not think that these drunk savages are proper company for a civilised lady like you. What next ? Goat shaggers ? This Europe is all rotten & perverted, ha !

    Thank you for showing me “Khan Academy”. I only hope it is not a tool of islamistic infiltration.

    Yeah, bin heut’ a weng schräg drauf …

  2. I might pretend to play coy, but I am not so prim and proper. Khan Academy is a respectable online learning resource, though I can’t say my interest in the faun was entirely due to an appreciation for history. I think they must have had a lot of fun in that Hellenistic time period.

  3. “Stay at home” is actually ordered in one city only, somewhere in the North. Right now we see some numbers rise again, over the last days the indicators went sideways. It is a shame that the vaccinations do not start for reals. Now let’s see what will happen with the now open schools. One mother today said she would have preferred that schools stay closed until Easter, but I think she is an exception.
    Stay safe please, dearest Mistress.

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