Sunday Music, Monday Edition

I returned from the Suebian wilderness yesterday evening. They have wild waters there.


I know that it lies on its left side. But it looks better this way. Many pictures do.


It were some lovely days, much too short. I even dragged myself up a little mountain, only to realise in what bad constitution I am. This must seriously change.
All around it wants to blosson, flourish, Schneeglöckchen, Märzenbecher, the first crocus. And these :


The natural enemy of any allergic.


Of course I slept in this morning, on the first day of regular work since last year. I woke up by the irritating noise of my landline phone. When I picked it up I heared the steel piercing voice of my co-driver, gently reminding me that something like “work” exists. I showed up pretty quick, all went well, but a little later than planned. I simply had not heared the alarm clock.
While my codriver gave me some sermon on the way home – I finally had to ride a counter attack, telling her that it was all her fault, because she phoned me so late – today’s Sunday Music is a little Sermonette, written by Mr ADDERLEY (1928-1975) (Ger., Eng.), here performed by Lucille POOLE (1929-2005) (Ger., Eng.). I hope you enjoy the music. May the alarm clock be with you.



12 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I’m so glad you got out into the woods! Alarms and co-driver be damned, they will survive the temporary infraction. I would have launched an assault on the uselessness of humans feeble attempts to control time in the first place! My constitution also falters and I’m disappointed in myself. Last night I started creating a hiking schedule for the year to get myself back in shape.

    Your Youtube link appears broken to me.

  2. The snow is gone, dear Mistress, reduced to some ugly, dirt ridden heaps of last resistance on the side of the road. It is remarkably warm for end of February, and I am sure that a last cold spill will lash out in some weeks, maybe Mid March. Birds are singing already in the morning, over optimistic humans not fearing a cystitis walk around in shorts. People work in their gardens, fields and meadows start to show the first green, while trees are still generally reluctant, I think they know better and prefer to wait a bit.
    You know the scene in Faust I called Osterspaziergang ? There exists a translation by Browning, but it sadly does not transport over what Goethe means / expresses – see here.
    “Im Thale grünet Hoffnungsglück” / “The valley’s green with hope and joy” is not bad, but misses the point.

  3. Still no luck with the link, but I wouldn’t worry about it. I see you have joined the “likes” and stacked comments changes. :) Sometimes its nice just to “like” when you want to let someone know you’ve stopped by, but you don’t have anything to say.

  4. Sorry Melanie, link-wise I run out of options. But the little song was recorded by a lot of other artists. I think the non reachability is caused by some copyright “things”.

    Sorry again – I do not understand your sentence : “I see you have joined the “likes” and stacked comments changes.” I joined nothing. In fact I have not changed settings on this blog since – oh well, basically since the start. I now & then chose another template, or play with the fonts, but that’s about change around here. I hope what you mean is acceptable for you etcetc, and in no way harmful for commenting. In fact the comments make the blog – so I carry my venerated readers on my hands !

    “On the horizon” – I am sure you are in the middle of it already, dearest MsScarlet !

  5. Gosh! Suebian toilets employ quite a strong flush, don’t they? I hope there was no splashback?

    I think your silent alarm clock has infected my PC. The video plays but there is no sound, despite my speakers being switched on. I tried a couple of other You Tube videos and no sound there either. Perhaps it will sort itself out after I switch the whole thing off and on again…

    P.S. Catkins!

  6. Kätzchen in German, “little cats” – happily spreading pollen of hazel and alder (“Erle”), what leads automatically to snirfl, cough, and red eyes. I must have left some pills from last year.
    I am very glad to learn that the universal solution to all electronic glitches still works – the big red button. And if there is none, then it’s time to unpluck.
    I hope the little sermon did not spoil your Saturday morning experience IDV !

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