Another Sunday Music on Monday

I am very sorry. I tried to produce a simple recording of my voice, but the result(s) were very underwhelming, or to say it bluntly, crap. Not usable. I will try to borrow a microphone tomorrow from a certain it “specialist”, or maybe I can make a recording there, and link the file somehow, I don’t know.
As you may discern from my stammer, I am very tired right now, I think “knackered” is the terminus technicus. I beg for yer pardon, and assure you that the aforementioned recording will take place very soon.
Right now I feel a bit like walking in a fog. Hence this Sunday Music is the title Man In The Fog from the lp Flowers of Sendai by the of the Jan Lundgren Trio, with Jan LUNDGREN (Ger., Eng.) (piano), Mattias SVENSSON bass), and Zoltan CSÖRSZ (drums) (Eng.). I hope you like the music, around four or five minutes of gentle flowing. May you be spared kid’s vomit for the rest of the week.



12 thoughts on “Another Sunday Music on Monday

  1. Cool, calm, collected. I always tried, but never was really successfull, there’s always a more or less manageable streak of madness, or plain Hysterie involved.
    As i write this I watch the full moon come up, I only hope the basted will leave me alone this night. Sorry Dinahmow, I’m a bit schräg drauf at the moment ….

  2. I’m sure Ms Scarlet will be understanding about the lack of your voice. At least, for now, anyway…

    “Man in the Fog” was just gorgeous! I could have done with a soundtrack like that when I went out at lunchtime to walk my sister’s dog. In the mist and drizzle. Not fog.

  3. Glad you like the music IDV ; “man in the mist” has something. And no worries, I can see MsScarlet tapping her foot impatiently. But thankfully without that Infomaniac stare ….

  4. What you lack in voice you make up for in music, Mr Mags. I can be patient, because a] I am also knackered, and b] I think I may have been rash and promised a recording of my own voice in return!

  5. I too like this music! I too am tempted to make a voice recording but I have so much going on right now and it’s true that most people don’t like the sound of their own voice. While I get a lot of complements on my voice I have to take their word for it that it is nice. When I hear my voice I think I sound like a 5-year old chipmunk with a mouth full of nuts.

    Look, this lady must have snapped a shot of me while I wasn’t looking!

  6. I hate the sound of my voice and I think I’m hideously ugly. Nonetheless, I’ve been doing vlogs sporadically since last year. I really don’t know why I do it. Maybe because I like to torture people. I honestly don’t think I have much of an audience, which leads me to be more honest than I tend to be when I think someone’s listening.

  7. You üromised even to do it French, dear MsScarlet !

    What was that Greek rhetor’s name who put stones into husmouth to train his pronounciacion ? I forgot, sorry, Melanie.

    So you put yerself in front of a camera and rant ? Cool ! I must search for a vlog of you, dearest C !

    Yes, yes, & yes, dearest Mistress. How could I resist ?!

    Fog is great, isn’t it Eryl ?! We are told to expect no fog, but storm for he next three days starting from this night. I am very curious how this will play out.

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