Sunday Music, Wednesday’s

I may be a bit late. Perhaps this is the groundwork for another scarlet insurrection ? All can say is that I travelled, spent an evening on the phone, was knackered, and now fulfill my self-imposed need of posting a Sunday Music.
Let’s hear without further fanfare Mr ZAPPA making some noise called Muffin Man. I hope you enjoy it.
No worries, this other recording is just round the corner.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Wednesday’s

  1. I second what MJ said. Morrison’s do a nice vanilla one with raspberry jam and filled with fresh cream. I wouldn’t say no to a schwarzvalder kirshetorte muffin if they ever got round to inventing them, they could re-name them Moon-units.

  2. It was a bit early in my time zone when I started listen to this. Ha,ha,ha! Frank Zappa, I should have known better but, eh? So the birds got a little grumpy that I have interrupted their breakfast with loud music.

  3. But Mitzi, Morrison’s do do a schwarzwalder kirschetorte muffin! Well, a pack of two chocolate muffins, split with cream and black cherry jam (no kirsche, unfortunately). It’s the only reason I step foot inside a Morrisons.

    (And a lemon meringue one, too)

    P.S. Hooray! Sunday Music on a Wednesday! We haven’t had one of these for ages.

  4. That was just bonkers enough.
    I had a Cruffin filled with gooseberries and cream cheese the last time I was in Edinburgh, it was astonishingly delicious: flaky and buttery and sweet and faintly acidic. Since lockdown, I’ve made a few batches of sourdough English muffins, also good with cream cheese, but not the kind of muffins Mr Zappa means.

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