For What It’s Worth …

The Ilias , or Iliad (Ger., Eng.), without doubt one of the most important European works of art standing at the very beginning of our literature, starts with the words “Μῆνιν ἄειδε, θεά, Πηληϊάδεω Ἀχιλῆος“, phonetic “/mɛ̌ː̂nin ǎei̯de tʰeǎ | pɛːlɛːiǎde͜ɔ akʰilɛ̌ː̂os”. I learned that it should be translated into German as “Den ZORN mir singe, oh Muse, des Peleussohns Achill'” – the first word is not “love”, not something about “Hey, I’ll tell yah an old story” (“Uns ist in alten mæren || wunders vil geseit / In ancient tales many marvels are told us”, as the Nibelungenlied (Ger., Eng.) starts) – no, the first word is “mῆνιν“, accusative of “mῆνις“, the wrath, der Zorn, der Groll des Achilles.
I am not Achileus, but at some points over the last days I felt more than anger, I was in a strange mood for days, maybe since last week, a mixture of anger, weariness, exhaustion even.
I could not read blogs, I barely looked into the news – listening to the radio in the morning and the evening while driving is really enough. I did not want to see somebody, listen to somebody. The only thing I was interested in regarding human interference was (and still is) a daily phone call in the evening with a loved person, anything else … I like the driving part of my job right now very well, driving into the light, see it change ; concentrate on the road, the vehicle, and nothing else.
My colleague of some years takes to her own things, it is benign neglect, if need be we work together, of course. I remember that at one point, it may have been last week, the days blur a bit into one, I established order in the vehicle when it all (seven year olds going berserk) pulled a little too much on my nerves, but it happened once, and it seems there is no need for a repeat. Nevertheless it is a very god thing that we have just one more week before the Easter holidays.
Terribly frustrating is the corona situation around here. The numbers of infected people rise daily, it will soon be around twentythousand. One can wait for the death toll to rise. The beds in ICUs are filling up. All this opening was stupid from the start (if I have to see the visage of one Saxonian PM again I’ll vomit over my keyboard ! These bastids pushed for it recklessly). There were enough voices raised by medical professionals who warned against this approach, of course ignored. A friend put it right, when he said that “opening up”, and hence accepting severe sickness and death for “business”, shows capitalism’s face in all its glory usually reserved for war times. It is just a matter of time until the next “lock down” will be unavoidable, like in Paris right now. Add the mis-management of the whole vaccination situation, and it is becoming even more damaging. The Brits have reached a vaccination rate of fifty percent of the adult population (as I read, did not verify, and want to believe), while here people are sent home despite them having a confirmed date, jumped through all the loops – but there is simply no goddam broth they could have injected in their arms ready, it is simply not available.
And on top of all this nonsense we have to learn that some oh so honourable members of diverse parliaments earned six figures sums and more by orchestrating “deals” with masks – some parliamentarians had seemingly absolutely no difficulties to reach Trumpian levels of greed. Sadly branding an “S” for “swine” on one’s forehead is no more punishing method around here, the cost of civilisation, I guess.
The final frustration was served by wordpress this evening : They simply do not allow me to upload a mp3-file for “security reasons”. Yes, wonder of wonders, I finally spoke into a device that recorded my voice, and produced said mp3-file. I thought that would be the bog standard solution, and wanted to finish my stupid rigmarole here with the long promised recording, but no, not even that. I think it is the first time in ages that I did not come up with a Sunday Music, or at least a “Sunday Music on XXX-day”, the self-recording could have been a meagre substitute. Right now I have no idea what to do about this, they surely will accept some stupid file format, I just have to find out. But, please excuse me, I am really royally brassed off right now. Service will be resumed on Sunday. Thank you for your patience.

9 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth …

  1. It’s a messed up (trying to clean up my language) time around the world, dear Friend! We have the American version of your politicians and covididiots who think the pandemic is over, so they say screw the rest of us! As you told me once, take a deep breath and think of good things and people! Or something like that! ;) Take your time and know we’re here and thinking of you! xoxoxo

  2. Dear Mago, I know of a similar kind of weary anger that you speak of. It kind of creeps up over a few days (weeks?), a little a time until, suddenly, it gets noticed but one can’t put a finger on precisely what caused it, so it’s difficult to counter and get rid of. However, one day, it’s just not there any more. I hope that day for you is very soon. I think – as you say – the Easter break will help, as will Spring. The weather forecast for your area looks very good next week – sunny and warm (much better than here) – so I hope it does help you.

    P.S. I hope you get your mp3 vs WordPress technical woes resolved soon, too!

  3. I’m sinking too, dear Savannah … :)

    I try to give that anger the finger, but – sadly – it does not really work IDV.
    BTW I asked wordpress about the audio files and of course one can upload mp3s and whatnot – IF one uses a payd plan. Lousy freeloaders like me do not need audio files. So I’m damned to eternal silence ….

  4. Close your eyes and let the music float around you. Maybe you fall asleep, maybe you dream of something nice. A respite, if only for a short time. Enough to keep you going.

    This is one of my favorite songs to listen to while I write.

  5. Thanks! I will look for that person. I admit the rest of his songs don’t interest me much, but I really like this one. If I want to listen to a whole CD or several songs on piano then Chopin is my main man.

  6. I think we’re all surprised here that Germany (and France) are making such an utter mess of getting the vaccine out. It seems so slow, for a country we always thought was efficient. But then Berlin’s airport was — what, a decade? — late so maybe we should stop thinking of Germany as a technologically well-organised country.

    We too though, have had millions of pounds worth of contracts awarded to firms without going through the legal process. Nothing will happen. If you’re rich in England, you can o anything you like.

    So yes, I’m a bit angry too!

  7. I also have weeks where I feel awful, and angry, or completely flat. I had my jab on March 13th and the following week I was tearful as I foresee us being used as pin cushions for years to come.
    The UK test and trace system is/was a disgrace – loads of contracts given to Tory chums, so it seems – billions vanished into already very deep pockets, and people keep on dying, and nurses are offered a minuscule, insulting pay rise. And now we seem to be entering some sort of vaccine supply debacle.
    Life will never be the same. Just got to find a new way to live it.

  8. I meanwhile think that you can do nearly anything anywhere when you are rich Looby.
    Germany is surely not effiecient – I can not pinpoint where things went totally awry, or what happened when, all I see is the result, and it is seriously discouraging. It may speak for itself that a German rapper developed / “made” an (working !!) app for people regarding corona infections, distances, rights to go to places etcetc. – a rapper, not well-payed gouvernement types in some agency.
    And it was badly communicated, the whole thing. What we see now is that more and more people drift away into some fringe theories. What takes place more and more is a feeling of “I do not trust nothing / nobody ; everything is possible.” It is right out of the textbook for destabilization.

    Test & trace – my arse ! What drives me mad is when lobby people say “Oh, our businesses go banquerott – we could handle all of this with more tests ! We need alternatives ! ” – and it makes no difference if these are the shopkeepers or the hoteliers – yeah, it is all fine in theory, but where are these damn freee tests ? Where are these viable alternatives ? I do not see them in the wild.
    This 1 % pay rise was astoundingly insensitive, a real kick in the arse – but here nobody discusses a goddamn pay rise for nurses. I seriously believe that the larger part of them will leave as soon as possible, they are still on the job out of simple feeling of duty. There is so much bad blood … caused by neglect and ignorance, home made in the end, frustrating.
    We need our jabs, asap, and I am glad that you got one MsScarlet ! I do not believe that I will receive one in this year. They did not even needle those with high priority. The more angering is when one has to learn that some apparatchicks were inocculated, because they are oh so valuable members of society., yep, me first, I’m an official ….

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