Sunday Music

Cold & cloudy is Franconia, no friendly breezes dispersing winter’s remnants. Let us listen to a little Italian song, set in music by M FRESCOBALDI (1583-1643) (Ger., Eng.), titled Se l’Aura Spira (text), performed by Capella Mediterranea. The singer is Mariana FLORÈS. Let’s hope for the laughing nymphs drive away the winds of cruelty.
I hope you like the music. May the coming week be friendly and peaceful.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Quite delightful! As is the novelty of having Sunday Music on a Sunday ;) Thank you, Mago.

    I have NOT been singing Italian songs today. However, I did take my Italian car out for a drive for the first time in weeks (after I’d charged the battery up, that is).

  2. MAybe we should have something Italian themed some time, especially when the Vodka fountain is working again. I remember that KAZ and The Mistress liekd to look at pictures of Italian soccer players, especially when ripping off their blouses.
    Anyway, I leave now, and will spent my evening at the court of Louis XIV, nice people there. But before I leave – here is a Sicilian lullaby sung by Pino de Vittorio. If this does not make you cry, you officially qualify as stone.

  3. I’m working on my second short story “The Tailor’s Son” set in renaissance Venice so Itialian music is a perfect backdrop for such writintg right now. I am not of stone and I adore this second video above! Have a good week, my friend!

  4. Renaissance Venice, aha. I wonder what you’ll do with La Serenissima. Definitely not a stately being to be messed with, dearest Melanie.

    I wish I had a glass of red right now, a cheap beer will have to do, Savannah.

    Time to tighten the reins, dear MsScarlet

    Yes KAZ, ten years since she died – her website is still there, follow the link at The Mistress’, dear Dinahmow.

  5. Sorry Eryl, is this something bad you feel ? I am not sure about the meaning of “bereft”. I felt very touched by this performance, the word in my head is inniglich, and I can not translate it. The dictionaire gives me “bereft” as “robbed” – if this is what you mean i can very well relate to it – robbed of anything that is well, loving, caring, one may feel left behind in the cold, dark, and wet woods after hearing this song, one wants this gentle wave of unconditional love to stay, but there is nothing but a damn desk and a glas of white … I may be totally wrong about this.

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