Sunday Music

Free at last. Free to sleep, to read, and to start a spring cleaning ; tomorrow is early enough for this .. It is about time for a break. My co-driver and me started to get on our nerves. I am glad that she found a better way to get along with one of the kids, we had a kind of dispute about him for some time now, nothing ground-breaking, but a constant discussion. Now things are better, and I’m sure will stay that way. Basically all well workwise, just worn out.
As far as I know the school was spared outbreaks of covid, I wonder if that will stay that way. The infection rates are going up and up, younger people (between fifty and thirty, I read) are now the most infected group ; they are more resistant to the virus than older humans, hence the younger ones will stay longer in the ICUs than the group before. The mutations of the virus took over, much more infective, and seemingly causing a higher death rate. So it is only natural that the German state Saarland – in the very West, at the border to France ; France herself was sorted in as “area with high infection rate” (“Hochinfektionsgebiet”) some days ago – declares that it will open up all & everything after Easter. Why not ? There seems not much left to go wrong now.
At the moment I do not care anymore. I do not want to read or hear news, the only interesting part of a newspaper is the feuilleton, and there is always music.
Without further bla let us listen to Rosinha de VALENÇAs (Eng.) version of the Waldyr AZEVEDO (Ger., Eng.) standard Pedacinhos do Céu. Sadly I could find no more information about the recording, but we do not need to know more, just listen.
I hope you like the music ; may we face a peaceful, uneventful & relaxing week.



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. It is lovely music. Do you have a balcony or somewhere outside to sit with a glass of Sylvaner (and the rest of the bottle within easy reach, of course) of an evening, while listening to music like this? The weather and temperatures for the next few days would be conducive to such activities.

  2. There is a balcony. It has written – in large, griny latters – “Clean ME !” all over it. And yes, I will do this. Soon. Promised. Can we talk about something else now IDV ?

    The muses smell of wine, even in the morning, dear Dinahmow.

    Could be the new normal, dearest MsScarlet.

  3. Nice music, it reminds me Ottmar Liebert, which was the only Flamenco guitarist I liked enough to own a cd of.

    Too bad you can’t throw open your windows and let Snow White’s birds and other animals do the cleaning for you! I could really use them myself! My seasonal allergies are really bad right now. All the things I need to be doing I do in slow motion until the pollen goes back down and gets washed away by the rain.

  4. Ach, the birds … Here hazel and Erle / alder are almost done. I fear the time of “grasses” and Roggen, rye, through the Hochsommer – swollen eyes, running nose, headaches, even short breath – Lorano help me !
    I was already very active this morning Melanie, I’m almost done …

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