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According to the ever busy counting computer this is post 450 called “Sunday Music”. Of course there are in total many more Sunday Music posts, because all those belated ones on Monday etc. also belong into this category that lists – including this one – 567 Sunday Music posts. I think last Sunday’s break was the first interruption since I started with this series some time back.
I’m sorry, but I simply did not feel “up to it”, I needed a break. Of course I went to Suebia, and returning back to this place here becomes a little bit harder every time. Work will start tomorrow in the ddm *, everything back to “normal” for the next five weeks until we’ll reach the Whitsun holidays. At least the snow is gone, and spring will stay.
A good thing through my “time out” was that I did not really look into the news. We watched in horror the climbing infection rates, the death rate, and how the intense care units filled up – that was really enough of daily horror, no need to look for more in the national or international news. But I think this will change over time.
This Sunday Music is a little piece compossed by GLAZUNOV, a Waltz in D Major that is number three in his opus 42 Three Miniatures for Piano. It is played by Dinamow’s old friend Shura CHERKASSKY. I hope you like the music. May we face a peaceful week.

* damn dark morning, coined by Savannah



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Everyone needs a break now and then, so that was your “now”. Or “then”, perhaps? Anyway, I hope you had a good time away – it won’t be long before another now or then comes along!

    The waltz was rather delightful, I must say.

  2. Oh ! Dear old Shura. Thank you for this,
    And I’m glad you were able to turn down the news and take a break.

    We were almost ready to have our Covid shots and then the doctor’s clinic told us they had not yet received the flu vaccine for this year. And now no one seems quite sure when or what we will have!
    I think I’ll listen to Shura again…

  3. You know I love taking a break, especially from the news! For me, writing on my blog has to feel right, otherwise, it’s forced and I end up unhappy and usually just leave it as a draft! Your choice of music for today was perfect. I hope your week is as lovely, sweetpea! xoxo

  4. I’m so glad you posted this Sunday. I only wanted a sign of life. I never gave up blogging completely because I didn’t want to let go of you and Austerseeker, whom I have not heard from in a long time. I do not let go of people easily. Still, everyone needs a break and a pause. It sounds like you are not where you truly want to be and I am sad to here. I wish you could stay where and with the one you want to be with. I hope this is only temporary.

    The waltz was nice. I do hope you will have a good week!

  5. A break is understandable. We are living through some sort of hell – so always do what feels best for you.
    I guess I should post! It’ll come – I even have ideas! As Savvy says, it’s best not to force it.
    Thank you for the music!

  6. Now & then, here & there, up & down, in & out – our lives are ruled by antgonistic dualities, no wonder one feels pulled sooner or later. Glad you like the waltz IDV.

    Flu – ah yes, because you live at the antipodes where everything is from the left and upside down, sorry I forgot Dinahmow.
    I hope these two imjections do not harm each other or the needled human in any way !

    Ah, deadlines …. blogging should not be “work” … Glad you ejoy the music Savannah.

    Austere’s blog is there, her last entries are from last January. Sadly I can not comment on her blog, because one must have a google account to comment. Before the pandemic she was travelling a lot, visiting holy and otherwise interesting places around India.
    Good that you like the music Melanie.

    Ideas ?! You speak in tongues MsScarlet !

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