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Another week zoomed by – not that I ever had to use that now so prominent program “zoom” ; everybody seems to do video conferences on “zoom” these days, inspecting each other’s nostrils, secretly scanning the background of other conferees’ rooms for nasty things, we are all detectives.
I saw my medical doctor last week, and he played around with the ultrasonic diagnostic tool, thankfully he found nothing interesting. Now & then he switched on the sound, and I was very astounded by what I heared. There were very different kind of noises, some wischelnd – no sense to use a translating tool on this, it is a mixture of “whisper” and “whisking”, I think only those of my venerated readers who still have experiences with tube radios (“Lange Welle”) may know what I mean, when somewhere in the ether Nowgorod appears -, some outright pumping like a steam engine, all about arteries and heart muscles, obviously they do what they are meant to do. I wonder if someone ever used these soundbits for a collage ?
The infection numbers around here are still high, last time I followed they were climbing & climbing. I saw my dispatcher last Frayday and was assured that I will not drive in the coming week. So no work distracting me from getting my first injection on Tuesday afternoon at the local “Impfzentrum”. I met an old colleague accidentially on a parking lot some days ago, and she had had an appointment only days ago. She assured me that all is fool proof, and that there are no unwanted side effects. So be it : Idiotensicher, ohne Nebenwirkung.
This Sunday Music is titled Decisions, a heavy name for two light minutes of music performed by the Ramsey Lewis Trio (Ger., Eng.) on their 1959 lp Down to Earth (Eng.). I hope you like the music, regardless if outside your appartement madness reigns, if another ton of snow was dumped on your tulips & daffodils, or your knee hurts from kneeling on Madame’s – the paysho ! May we face a healthy and peaceful week.



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  1. So we are old wheezers. The wheezing pump ? I really think someone should use these sounds Tim. “Wheeze for Life”. Others went up and down, like when the guy at the theremin had one too many. “Ode to a Muscle” … all a la futurismo

  2. Yeah, it’d be better than some of the current stuff. Unfortunately I don’t have my tape recorder with me just now. And I gave up smoking five years ago, so my lungs aren’t as loud as they used to be.

  3. The most fascinating sound I’ve ever heard was the sound of the solar winds at the edge of space. I was driving to the Craft Store and listening to NPR (National Public Radio). They have a program called “Sound Lab.” This particular one was celebrating Voyager 1 reaching the edge of known space and sending back the last recordings. I was always told as a kid that space was like a vacuum, cold, desolate and void of sound, but it’s not. As I pulled into the parking lot with the windows down enjoying the warmth of the hot sunny day they played the sound and I had an instant physical reaction to it. I was Schrodinger’s cat, I was in my body and not in my body at the same time. I got goosebumps and felt strangely weak like I’d turned to jelly. The sound of solar wind is similar to the sound of blood in the womb, a whooshing sound, but different. There is a name for when a sound causes a physical response but I always for get what it’s called. It tends to happen at a low frequency level, around 50-70hz, I think. It’s on the edge of the scale of what sounds humans can perceive.

    I got my covid shot on Saturday! They called me, apologized and had me and my spouse come in to get our shots from a fresh new batch that had just arrived. We got the shot at 9am and our arms were really sore that night, but no adverse affects. You may want to take some medicine to take the edge off if you get a sore arm too.

  4. …. “wheeze for Europe”, ohmannohmann … *cough*

    Something similar happened to me roughly two weeks ago Savannah. For the first time, and I found it rather alarming. In fact I woke up from these terrible noises in my chest, I had immedeatedly thoughts and memories of my mother in my head, she died from lung cancer. It took around one hour until the noise settlerd. I could breath freely all the time, just feared that something would snap close or tumesce, than I’d face a real problem at three in the morning. I have no idea what caused this, and it did not come back.

    First things first : Congratulations that it worked Melanie !
    I never hadheared about solar winds, or better their sound. As you I learned the “All” is empty, silent, cold and dark. I also heared about the low frequenzy sound, and that it can cause something in the body, but I listened with just half an ear … I always wanted to listen to “Die Welt ist Klang” / The World is Sound, by BERENDT, but you need time, and I thinkk a level of prepardness, for this. A kind of quietness that is not necessarily silence.

    Yes, I am really agog, curious, dearest MsScarlet. I believe it only when the needle is in.
    Glad to hear that you don’t wheeze, so you quit in time. Ahem, you still quit, yes ?
    Yes, Amstrad tape deck for high fidelity recordings, and the mix tape sounds pro. I had a cassette recorder in the form of a brick that smelled funny …

  5. Thank you Mistress – and believe me I was glad too when he said “All looks fine, all sounds well” – and all those values of the blood analysis could come right from the textbook, with one unimportant exception. So in all probability, I may be declared “healthy”.
    Is the snow still blanking out your daffodils ? It is late April now,, Canada could now start with a little spring – how will you dance around the May pole ?

  6. Decisions was a nice, toe-tapping ditty to accompany reading this. I’m glad to hear that nothing untoward cropped up at your medical “service”. I’m off for my jab in a little under two hours, then I’ll be aggravating my knee by planting parsnips and doing some more of that blasted paysho!

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