Ach, We Hadn’t One of Those Posts in a While

I’m in a strange mood this evening. Feels like in a waiting room. I look over the room, through the window, and the full moon stares back. He, she or it moves up to the right, Southward, following the course of the sun. The idea that humans were already there, will go back there again soon, to built a “station”, perhaps within a crater – I read that there is the possibility to find water ice in such a cave – a “station” for crews who then will head for Mars – why, oh my GOd, why would someone do this ? Because “it is there” (I thought that was HILLARYs answer, just learned that it was MALLORYs, does it make a difference ?) – and because Mr MUSK thinks so ? This guy is already littering the nightly sky with his stupid little “Starlink” satellites – do I have to watch a single man’s vanity on the nightly sky ?
In earlier times men with too much money, wealth and spleen built strange houses or financed other megalomanic projects that nowadays usually sit abandoned and rot in peace. If this is the blueprint, will we have to watch Elon’s lousy satellites fall down one by one over the next decades ? I can not help, I think there is a good piece of assumption in this. Anyway, whatever drives yer spaceship, but I would really like to sit and watch the nightly sky without those damn little chains of light manoeuvering back and forth over Suebia, I simply do not like to have my night sky reduced to a shunting yard.
Ach, was soll’s ? It is celestial mechanics in the broadest sense, and I have no clue about it. The important things happen in the sublunar level, here on Earth. And I do understand less and less.
For example those protesters in Suebia, or elswhere. The most stupid placard I saw, read “Freiheit statt Corona”, freedom (or liberty ?) instead of Corona. Both substantives in this slogan are absolutely free from any informational value, it is a pure emotional message, and I can not rely on, I do not understand, “get”, it. And I do not understand the impetus, the force of the wave, behind this. I understand (at least I hope so) how the virus works, but I do not understand how this wave of uninformed, emotional nonsense works : What is triggered, how ? Where does it come from ? I see a fringe movement gaining force, all united against “the state”, in the end it is an emotional bomb.
I watched in awe, in fürchtender Ehrfurcht, how in the first Trump campaign emotions were created, channelled, used, how a society in a very large part became destabilised, the fall-out is still there and will not go away. It is fascinating and frightening. The USAmerican state and society came close to a coup, with the generous help of Russia, undeniably, just gone by, bah – was there something ?
I am far from really understanding this, I am just on the surface. But I see similar things happen here in Europe. It boils down to creating a climate of “Unsicherheit”, in-security on many levels ; it boils down to “I do not believe nothing (some official or authority says)”, and “All is possible”. So the most bonkers “informations” can be peddled, screamed out – since Trump’s megaphone was taken away it is remarkably quieter, and there is a chance of informed politics, as small as it is – the damage is already done.
Aber auch hier gilt : Was soll’s ? I slowly reach my limits in this pandemic situation. I feel like as if some corroding liquid would slowly nag and nag and nag on me – a silly picture, simply because I can not say what I contain ? My uglyness, meaness, and brutality ? Yes, that is what I contain, I try to be a civilised and cultured fellow, I do not want to be another idiot – of course I know that I will always be an idiot too, but a civilised, cultured, and non-violent idiot. But nevertheless I would like to spare the brutality, meaness, plainly all violation of humanistic values I try to live by, spare this to all those creatures I see living this out, not only in the news, but in real live, around me, too. I do not want to be one of them.
Sorry. In the end I am just pathetic, histrionic. The virus made me do it. And the moon is gone too.

6 thoughts on “Ach, We Hadn’t One of Those Posts in a While

  1. I am with you on this, Sir! We are already close to killing this rock we call home.How dare we fiddle with other rocks, littering the skies with our rubbish!
    That said…I hope to see the moon tonight, maybe even take a passable photo.

  2. People like Musk and Bezos could make this world so much better if it were not for their greed and hubris! I think we’re all languishing now because of this pandemic. This isolation has given us all too much time to really look at how much we’ve allowed our world to go to rack and ruin. I’ll look for the moon tonight! xoxo

  3. I do my best to be civilized most of the time, but some people deserve a good punch in the nose and there’s just no other way around it! I don’t like Musk’s shit in the sky either! He’s taking advantage of lax regulations. We need a UN declaration that the solar system belongs to all of us not a contry or an individual. I don’t know what kind of laws govern “international waters” but maybe it could wor as a template.

    (BTW I just posted, just pictures really, but one is of me from 2004. You know I hate taking pictures and I’m reluctant to put them on the internet, but I really an a nobody to most people and I wanted my sentiment to be sincere, so it seemed appropriate.)

    Take care, my friend!

  4. I think you’ve put your finger on something interesting: there is something exhilarating in all that nonsense, almost as though it’s precisely because part of the brain recognises it as transgressive – but regular common precautionary sense can be just such hard work. And once people start following that excitement, the’re on a dangerous downward slope.

  5. Thank you all for responding to my whine with serious thoughts. Let’s all pre-order a seat on the next Mars-bound rocket, very likely a Chinese one …

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