5 thoughts on “Sunday Music, dienstags

  1. No wind here, just lots of tree pollen. I like Dubussy. It’s usually the music I listen to when I borrow my MIL’s car while visiting her in Florida. I doubt we will get to go this year, that will mark two years in a row not seeing the In-laws and she is no spring chicken! Next Feburary I hope. Have a good week my friend! Keep a tight grip on your bottle!

  2. I very much like the idea that I embellished your morning Dinahmow, all the way around the globe.

    What do you borrow the cat for, dear Melanie ?

    You were missed MsScarlet – I think it was more over a week that we saw no sign of you, silence fell over Devon’s moors …

    No worries IDV – the water is clear, has a distinctive taste, Suebia’s pride. I have no idea why they use this “ice age” approach for marketing. They have a pretty good Sylvaner here too, jthe local sorts of beer are pretty sweet, süddeutsche Süßbierspezialitäten where one looks … some remarkable good cherry jams.

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