Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Here I sit, handkerchief in hand – the pollen got me : sneezing, swollen eyes, headaches, full service. Only since I got back from this morning’s drive, the first in two weeks. The kiddies could not await to visit school again, the parents were happy to see their backs too, reasonably empty roads, sunshine, all well. That sunshine is a short affaire, from this afternoon – through the whole week – rain comes from France, maybe that is what they call the “Atlantikhoch”, I never had an atlantic high.
This Sunday Music is a short piece composed by Claude DEBUSSY (1862-1918) (Ger., Eng.), performed by Friedrich GULDA (1930-2000) (Ger., Eng.), titled Reflets dans l’Eau, from Images I (1904) (Ger., Eng.). I hope you like the music. May we have an un-polled week.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. Oh dear…the video is not available here, but I’ll find it somewhere. Thank you.
    And as to pollen woes…I am sorry for you. As a child , I lived down-wind from pine plantations. My mother and I had what we called “sneezing competitions” every Spring. Miteilungen

  2. Use a chapstick (labello) up each nostril before you leave home, any pollen you breath in will stick to it like iron filings to a magnet, should help stop the sneezing fits.

    The video won’t play.

  3. I am sorry that the video does not work. The reason may be connected / found in the situation of “publishing” “rights” etc., or something connected to the channel on which it is “published”.
    There is a link to the whole performance of GULDA from 1981. The little DEBUSSY starts in minute 29. What he does before is touching, inniglich – if you have some time to spend, give Friedrich a chance & watch from the start, he is worth it.

    I had as a child difficulties with this stuff, it was called Heuschnupfen, hay fever I think. But it only started late in summer. Over time, with advancing age, I observed that these reactions start now earlier in the year ; and that it becomes stronger, at least that is my impression for the recent years. Interestingly neither mother nor father suffered from this Dinahmow.

    Thank you for this tip Mitzi, never had this on my mind ! This evening I feel like a rug, since I came back I have headches, started right when I came close to the village of the dammned. Felt good while out in other regions through the late afternoon. Maybe something grows around here, may be even in my appartement the devil lurks, idon’tknow, just give me a new head please …

    Please let me know if the link above works for you.

  4. It went from being very warm to quite a cold day. I’m trying to get back on track after a wretched couple of weeks. Hope you’re doing better.

  5. For the video, when the copy right info comes up then you just have to click on “Watch on YouTube” and it will open it in a new window on youtube. Is it supposed to sound like rain? It sounds like rain to me. Rain is nice because its the easiest way to wash all the pollen out of the air. Even if it is only temporary.

  6. Friedrich Gulda has the look of Peter Sellars about him. Yes, I agree the piece does sound like rain.
    Sorry to hear you have hayfever – may as well still be Winter here as my nose is running like a tap thanks to the cold weather.

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