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I am very sorry, dear Reader, but I feel the need to write about something that “drives me around”. I do not know how my brain works – in the end my best guess is that it is a kind of sponge that takes in anything it reads or heares, then miraculously puts things together and finally oozes out something like a thought, in the form of a bubble that emerges from the sponge-swamp … what an awry image. BTW it mostly works in images.
Anyway, I can not forget (one bubble came up) the video I saw some years ago that showed a “republican” of some rank (I forgot who the prick is, and I have no interest in retrieving the video. In the end anybody has the right to make an arse out of himself, and imho this guy did extensively at this occasion.), a “republican” I say, who makes “fun” of Kamala HARRIS’ name – ending with something like ” … mela, mala, whatever …”. What I clearly remember is the arrogance and the contempt of the speaker.

The “republican” party of the USA is now finally & officially a party based on lies, or better : The Big Lie. I have absolutely no sympathy for Ms CHENEY, who will be removed of some duties and ranks in the “republican” party soon. She is a creature of this “party”, she helped to form this “party”, she profited from this party work, she holds views that make my toes curl, to say the least. Her only “mistake” is that she told her party “friends” that the election is over and the Democrats won, in the end that Mr BIDEN is the lawfully elected President. To tell this truth is enough to be demoted. Other “republicans”, who had the guts to fight against the elephant in the room, can kiss their political career good-bye. ROMNEY, as I read somewhere, was booed from stage at some party gathering.
Let’s make it clear : If you want to hold an office in the “republican” party of the USA you have to lie. You have to kiss the ex-president’s (star fish shaped) ring, and kowtow to the criminal program that is connected with this initial lie – this program in the end aims at getting rid of the USAmerican democracy. All state-level actions, election laws, the “republican” party hammers through, aim at one thing : Make voting / taking part in the election as impossible as achievable. Especially for non-whites.
TRUMPs minions range from the party’s head honchos to those beared, white idiots in military gear, who carry automated weapons, organise themselves in militias, and generally “stand by” – Ready for violent “action”. The actions of the 6th of January show clearly where the train travels to. TRUMP now finally is what he ever wanted to be – what he always blared out : He is the leader of the movement, der Fuehrer der Bewegung. And if you do not hail the fuehrer, you are out.

Now let us assume that on one faithful day in the not so distant future Mr BIDEN makes a wrong step, and bonks his head on the side of a desk. Or suffers from a heart attack, or a stroke – whatever happens in a nearly eighty-year-old body of a man who takes a high pressure job serious. For this case you have a vice-president, you may say : ” … whatever Harris”, as the guy grinned.
I think that some people around the globe may see this as a “golden chance”. I am sure that in the moment it is confirmed that BIDEN is replaced by HARRIS, our friend Vlad (the impaler) pushes a button and sends out his troll army to create instability by propaganda, white, grey and black one. Do not forget that it is now established (!) that Russia was heavily involved in TRUMPs 2016 campagne. Maybe the Chinese have something similar in petto, I do not know.
I am pretty sure that the average “republican’s'” reaction (from “lawmaker” to militia gallowglass) will not be “All hail President HARRIS” but more something along the line “NO niggermother tells me nothing !” I am very sure that the military and the agencies will generally be loyal to the State, but what will happen on local “states'” level I do not know. And of course there will be violence – it’s Amurga after all ! If one black “neighbourhood defence committee” confronts some white “boyscouts” there will be some dead bodies left on the scene, more sooner than later : Yippieahyeah, here we go. (See how some “republicans” style this juvenile murderer from Kenosha as “hero”, look at those people’s mindset.)
I really think that the potential for some far reaching, violent confrontation is there – something we call vulgo “unrest”, or “Bürgerkrieg”. The faultlines are established since the 19th century, maybe even longer, and there is nothing left to plaster over them, TRUMP ripped the patch off. The new administration works itself through the debris of those lost four years, surely a promise for the future, but all is terribly fragile. And it takes time – Jessas, it’s not yet six months !
The “good will” is all gone since – when ? Maybe this started under Ronnie, but I am not sure. The “tribalism”, as some call it, will stay, will possibly even become entrenched & un-removable. I really believe that, if BIDEN is replaced by HARRIS, the stress on this already stressed out system (state and society) will become too strong, things will start to break apart, the centrifugal forces will be too strong to be contained. I have no clue what that will mean for the interior situation of the formerly “united” “states”. In foreign politics it could mean that China simply annexes Taiwan (and possibly gets rid of Mr KIM) ; that we Europeans have to welcome Russian tank crews on our Eastern borders, if they are so nice to stop there ; & whatever may happen in the Near East, GOd alone may know. The way Amurga treated “allies” over the last few years taught everybody a good lesson.
It’s all fun and game as long as you Zupfer kill only yerself, yer all free to do that – but, sadly, if things go really bonk, the rest of the world has to suffer too. So let’s hope that Mr BIDEN carries on well through his term, in his full capability, until the next election sees President HARRIS take over. There is no serious alternative.

Finally Lark’s Tongues in Aspic. (Yes, we have had this already in January this year, but I like it.) I hope you enjoy it, it grows on you.



7 thoughts on “Boring Political Post Ahead

  1. It wasn’t a boring Post, in fact, it’s content has run thru my mind too and I don’t have a Peace about the direction I see our Country going as a Collective at all. The Polarization and Cult Following that threaten Democracy is alarming, even tho’ not the majority, their numbers are still greater than I ever thought possible in the greatest Democracy on Earth. What that last vile Administration revealed was deeply troubling, people I thought I knew well were on the ReTrumplican Crazy Train and will ride it right over the Cliff and take as many with them as possible. I’m certain our Enemies are paying close attention to the unraveling of ‘Merica and how if and when we implode, it will be of our own doing and they will not have to do anything but sit back, watch, then take over without having to expend themselves. Our Allies, if any of them Trust us anymore, which I doubt, will realize it could happen to them too if they allow someone who is a Corrupt Transactional Lunatic wannabe Dictator come into Power.

  2. I have no time for politics usually, but I did read this post accompanied by Friedrich Gulda performing Claude Debussy’s Reflets dans l’eau from your previous post (which I missed out on at the time) – it seems a bit of Debussy makes anything/everything quite palatable!

  3. Everybody can see the truth about U.S. politics, even people in other countries. But the tRump-worshiping dimwits can’t see what’s plain as day because their heads are so far up their backsides that when they break wind they think they are seeing clouds.
    I live in a very red (Republican) part of my state. There are morons here who fly the U.S. flag upside down as a sign of protest because tRumpty Dumpty was “robbed” of the election. I find their behavior ignorant and disrespectful. I say nothing because I don’t desire to have my car tires flattened or rocks thrown through my windows.
    Those of us who saw through him referred to him as Der Trumpenfuhrer because we saw a lot of parallels to Hitler rising to power.
    The only place tRump belongs is in jail. I’m not optimistic enough to believe that it will happen.

  4. Poignant example of horsebalm abuse, dearest Melanie ! But they are not from Devon I think.

    Ii is an established fact now that Russian agencies were involved over their neck in the 2016 Trump campaigne, so they do not simply sit back & wait – they just have to help a bit with develpoing the already existing faultlines along the topics of race, inequality etc. One can only hope that the radicalisation will diminish, good economical outlook will help. But I fear that the general trust in “the State” is shattered beyond repair – I hope I’m wrong Bohemian !

    I am sorry MsScarlet ! I will turn the clock back for you, and it will be a knitting blog soon ! Maybe I can find knitting music ?!

    I believe now that without Claude and company anything / everything would be unbearable. And of course pictures of the Northern Sea do help, dear IDV !

    Yes, Trump should be jailed (for treason imho). Maybe there is a chance with the taxes etc – Capone was jailed not for his mob crimes but for tax evasion.Some will follow the dear leader until the end and believe in any myth and assorted crap that makes the fuehrer shine. Please take care Cara.

  5. The entire debacle has been downplayed here. Nobody in my red corner of this blue state really believes that our country nearly broke apart, that there was an actual attempt to seize power perpetrated by the Orange Thing and his elderly white minions and their ignorant young acolytes.
    No, people are going on about their lives, looking at a rapidly growing state of economic inflation that is going to be blamed on the current ‘Pro Socialist Presidency’, as Bidens term has been branded by the Right. Forget the real cause – utter incompetence on the part of Der Tangerine and the structure of yes men and cronies he surrounded himself with, and their senseless, faction-serving policies. Putin is grinning like the cat who ate the canary. And he damn near did.
    It’s summer now, and the living, as the song says, is easy. But this winter, with a sheet of plywood costing 75.00 and rents going sky high, those people who voted Trump because he was entertaining are going to be eating lots of Top Ramen in the cold, wondering where their jobs went, too old or too habituated to adapt to the new ‘work from home’ paradigm, blaming Biden for the results of Trumps mishandling; and any moron with a grin and a hot dog is going to get their backing. (Stephen King reference there.) People are still talking guns and armed marches here in the ass end of nowhere. They want to ‘take back America’ without even knowing what America is now. Now it’s a game of media influence. Simple statements, easily digested, no thinking required. All that is being done for us. And people like that. And it’s fucking scary.
    Do I have hope? I think that America will remain a stable state for the time being, for the next four years anyway, because it makes more money more efficiently as a single entity with a single leader. American government runs on a corporate model now, thanks to Trump. Biden is essentially a CEO. If he continues to follow that paradigm, he’ll ruin us in the long run. But if he can find a way back to the role of ‘Head of State’, then we have a chance. If he can bring government back around to being a political entity instead of a corporate entity, I think we have a chance.
    So there’s my rant.
    Muchas smooches, Mago. I miss you.

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