Sunday Music

The last days were pure bliss, simply because I had to do nothing. What I did I did because I wanted to, like hoovering the appartement, riding my bicycle (and if it’s only to the supermarket at the village’s other end), and of course, reading and listening to music. I could get used to that rhythm of three days work, four days off. Next week will be a traditional workweek of five days again.
Yesterday evening I stared at the black screen of my computer, and all of a sudden I saw how gray the surface had become, how much dust it had accumulated I carefully cleaned it, and even got a streak-free reflecting surface. Now I wonder whether I should put my keyboard in the sink and give it a good wash, but some keys already start to loose their markings.
The other thing is that soon there will be no sink for some days, because a young man dropped by and started to make plans for my kitchen. He is not entirely selfless in making these plans and pressing for their realisation, because as soon as I’ll get rid of the assorted garbage that forms my kitchen ameublement, he can throw a large shelf at me that he himself wants to get rid of. He will install and built together all that needs to be installed etc., simply because I am absolutely untalented for this handcraft things.
What reminds me – MsScarlet moaned about last post’s political nature, and I promised to re-turn this blog into the epitome of innocence and cultivated boredom, a knitting blog. To inform myself I looked at some videos titled “Knitting for Beginners” et al. – and at once had flashbacks to the fifth grade when we had something in school called “Werken”, handicrafts. The idea was that all kids should learn to help themselves with some needles – a good idea I wholeheartedly support. Nevertheless, my tries at knitting were absolutely useless, I remember that at one point I threw the whole stuff away in an angry outburst. I at least learned to darn a hole in a sock, my mother showed me, and that is it.
I looked at “knitting music”, there are playlists for knitters. It seems to me that these (up to two hour long) playlists contain mostly well known classics of the 19th century, like DVORÁK, whom I met at least four times when I clicked through these lists. It was always a part of the “New World”.
A contemporary of DVORÁK (1841-1904), but today lesser known, is Eugène NOLLET (1828-1904), who seems to have been a noted harpenist in his time. Here is a little piece titled “Les Talons Rouges” performed by Gamma1734 (channel) “played on my really bad keyboard 30 minutes after first sight”. I hope you can still enjoy the music. May we all face a relaxed and peaceful week. Generally a little more peace on earth would be a really good thing.



10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Perfect music for knitting! I could imagine the movement of the needles as the music went on, but then again, I’m not a knitter either! Re: “a little more peace on earth” as I read that line, the MITM (who was watching the news in another room) sighed heavily (and most audibly) and exclaimed, “What a mess in Gaza!” I wish you well, dear friend! I’m finding it more and more difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel these days! xoxo

  2. Cleaning? Then it really must be Spring!

    The music was delightful. Although, I think I’d like to listen to it while pottering about in a large, elegant orangery, tending to the various plants within, rather than while knitting. I haven’t knitted for years – I wonder if I still can?

  3. I have tried both knitting and crocheting but my dyslexia and left-handness make it nearly impossible. I aso found that during the times I was nearly successful that my mood oscillates in such a pattern of tight and relaxed that everything become a circular dollie. On Friday, after many pleads from fellow moms I taught every 5th grade class what hornbooks were and how to write with ink and quill. I almost taught some sewing skills too, but was relieved of that duty by another volunteer. We were teaching some of the skills Colonists needed as they established the first 13 colonies.

  4. Yes Savannah, the light at the end of the tunnel these days may be a muzzle flash. Not only do the Arabs and the Israelis fight each other, now Israelic citizens grab each other by the throat. We had some nasty demonstrations here in Germany. This war must be contained and de-escalated fast, but right now this is only wishful thinking I fear.

    Yes IDV – first the screen, then the windows : Imagine !
    Yes of course, a spacious 18th century orangery filled with well scented flowers and trees from the South ; sitting on the paysho whileIl Giardino Armonico plays some music just for fun.

    Now you must teach them how to make ink. For this you need pitch, so you must be able to make a fire. Chopping a (dead) tree without whacking off a foot would be nice. And if you go for the feather we quickly reach the realm of roasting, roasted goose – in the end all what the kids need is a fine axe. Best would of course be a francisca, dear Melanie. A good knife, some flint, the rest is incidental

  5. They don’t let us give the kids sharp objects beyond a pen. It is interesting to note that the early American colonists found native Black Walnuts to be a great source of ink once they decided they were no longer going to be subjects to Britian and its taxes.

  6. I did not know about the black walnuts Melanie. I know “Gallustinte” that is made from Galläpfel, and the other one that is made from tar / pix / creosot – how ever one calls that black stuff inside the stove pipe. Then there is another variant with iron, but this may cause harm to the material under the ink, Tintenfraß, munched by ink mampfmampfmampf

    Oh no – what am I saying ?! You never : Never moan, never knit, never wrinkle ! Can you forgive ne MsScarlet ?

  7. We were taught to knit at primary school I was never any good at it, my stitches were always too tight for the needle to push through the hoops.

  8. I failed miserably at knitting. Everything I tried to make turned into a little bowl, like a yamulke. If I could get past the vulgarity of knitting yamulkes for cats, I might sell them on Etsy. I don’t know how many Orthodox cats there are out there, though.

  9. NEEEdles and PINN-sah ….

    Yarmulkes for cats ? Naah ….
    BTW FN – you saw my comment at your place where I linked to zhe list with the 250 journals from Williwaukie ? DID YOU ? They link to worldcat, so you can find the stuff near you – there is a damn county library near you that holds all copies of said journal, achachach ….

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