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I have to beg for Your pardon, dearest MsScarlet, because this is another “political” post, and I do know that You do not like to read about such matters here. But what I saw this evening simply excited me, and I think I should mention it here.
I wanted to write about the Huzulei, what sent me down a rabbit hole, thinking about history in general, in particular, and how I became a “historian” etc., this is for later.
Watching the news – that is, scrolling through websites – I stumbled over Mr CUMMINGS, and the first thing that (really) “popped up” in my head was the German word “Schuft”, and how to translate it. My online dictionaire gave me words I can not really assess, like “wretch”, “cad”, or “scoundrel” – the latter I already have heared a long time ago, I have not read one of the other suggestions lately. Maybe the word irself is out-dated. It generally describes a man without honour, einen ehrlosen Menschen.
Usually I avoid “videos” at all cost, but here I could not resist.
I do not know about Mr CUMMINGS honour, but what I saw today, and read, is, well, a well performed murder on open scene. And he is (as what I saw in clips) absolutely within himself in this performance – kudos ! I think we see the groundwork for his return to power – and believe me, nothing else is more important to him than power, he is hooked ! – in a Gove-Shunak production that will go over the ramp soon. I may be wrong about this, may be still under the spell of this evening’s performance, but what I saw was great : This guy has potential, he is carved out for a leading role, and – despite the fact that I dislike basically everything of this man – I truly think he could be one of the few, who can handle power.
Again, I have no idea whether this is something really remarkable in the large connexion, or just a bump in the road I watch from a mole’s hill, and hence over estimate. But I am impressed. I simply can not imagine such a Schurkerei in German politics – it would be suicide. But in this special case here, it is not – au contraire, it is survival : CUMMINGS will not go away.
Sorry again, the Huzulei will follow soon. Politics is never boring on these islands off Europe.

8 thoughts on “Interlude, British

  1. Cummings! Bloody Cummings?
    Of course, England has shot itself in the political foot so often over the past few years they haven’t much left to stand on.
    I suppose it might be one way to get rid of Boris…

  2. A. Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is in my humble opinion, and I am just a bloody foreigner, sorry, a lousy PM. I can not see someone from the Labour Party to replace him, sorry, again, no one asked me, I know.
    I do not think that Cummings will replace him, or be PM – that will be Gove, or maybe Shunak. But Cummings will be near the throne again, I am sure about this.
    I am not sure about anything else, regarding the “Scotish Question”, anything Ireland-related, or whatever, all this is absolutely un-foreseeable. In the end all these wonky, kind of volatile situations, have the potential to de-stabilise the whole Kingdom, as is. So in a way, it is be a good thing that the UK left the Union : British problems now surely stay on British Islands. And when this Farage creep and his ilk is finally out of the European Parliament – yippiehayeah ! We have enough problems with the Eastern protofascists like Hungary & Poland. And the lousy wannabe-Stalin in WhiteRussia too. It stinks of war over there.
    So an honourless scoundrel may be a good choice for times coming, dear Dinahmow !

  3. Funny how the UK Government seemed to get its act together [almost] after Cummings had gone. The bloke is a wanker, although I do appreciate how he’s made Handcock squirm.
    What is it with this UK Government – we have a big Johnson; a Handcock; and a grubby Cummings – I can’t wait for the Carry On film about it all.

  4. Usually I do not care about foreign countries’ inner politics, but this action was seriously “dreist”, bolt. And I could not stop asking meself what was the purpose behind. And iIhad to compare this to German politics, and could find no equivalence, so excuse me Melanie for being boring more than usual.

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