Sunday Music

No worries, no expedition to the very border regions of Europe, geographically & historically remote areas in “Halb-Asien”, half Asia, as Western intellectuals liked to describe MIddle-East-Europe & The Balcans before 1914. I looked for hucul music on youtube, but I only found tons of pony videos. All I know about horses is that they are large, and sometimes can be bribed with a carrot. Ponies are just like horses, but smaller.
Now let’s hear some Sunday Music : It is the title LIfe Goes On from Carla BLEYs (Ger., Eng.) 2020 album of the same name. She performs together with Steve SWALLOW (of course) (Eng., Ger.), and young Andy SHEPPARD (Ger., Eng.) on saxophone. BTW, good birthday wishes to Ms BLEY.
I hope you enjoy the music. Take care. It will be a good week.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. When I went to Marine Corps training on the East Coast (Parris Island, SC) Only me and one I had arrived with were from the West coast. 1st many of the women did not even know there was a Washington State! They thought we were from DC. When I clarified where it was, snug between Canada and Oregon they assumed it must still be “the Wild West” and one asked me, Do you ride ponies to school?” No, we also do not live in log cabins either and none of my Native friends live in tepees either!

  2. No log cabins, no teepees – still pit dwelling ? I knew that FNs “garden” was too goog to be true ….
    But you can spear down a wooly mammoth with one hand ! IDV knows all about Stegosauruses in case you need to domesticate another one.

    According to old METTERNICH “the Orient begins behind his house on the Landstarße”. “Landstraße” was one of Vienna’s districts, and indeed a country road was leading Estwards to HUngary. Also in this Viennese district a large Hungarian (geese ?) market was held. Obviously man needs something to look down.
    Scroll down this page, and you’ll find a remark by Slavoj Žižek about “Balkan”, and where it is located. It’s always somewhere else.

  3. Sounds idyllic just like Melanie’s log cabin home, I would love to visit Walnut Grove one day and re-enact scenes from Little House on the Prairie “Oh fuck the plaits Ma, give me an asymmetrical bob with shaved sides”.

  4. That saxophone is sublime! Good find.
    I thought Melanie lived in a log cabin, and dodged bears on a daily basis. Well, that’s that little fantasy destroyed.

  5. Mago The wooly mammoth’s are gone but the sasquatch are still here. I ran into one in the woods when I was 16. Eek! But I am not dead so I’d say it all worked out well in the end. Scarlet Oh, the bear dodging is real! Never you fret on that one. IDV The brontosaurs is my favorite dinosaur, how did you know?

  6. And me thought about you always as a mullet Mitzi, oh dear ….

    Call me the destroyer of worlds MsScarlet – a simple wood cabin should be no problem for me : I can destroy a plank of Balsa with my bare hands !

    AY, Bronto, Bronto, andele I hear the cries of the saurus chaps all over the place again. a kind of herd memory perhaps ? And they ride and ride … you could train one as paysho ornament IDV !

    I saw video showing a women who shoves a bear over the garden fence that tries to snack on her (rather smallish) dogs. So I absolutely believe you Melanie,when you say that there is a bear problem.
    I have no saurus preference, but I am glad that you found your favorite Bronto here ! I am sure it is a Franconian quality Bronto. (They come with a stamp depicting our cote-of-arms.)

  7. Mago Oh, A stamp you say! Can you send me one? What can I send you in return? I have been thinking it would be nice to send you a physical token of friendship after all these years. Email me if you will. Let me know!

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