10 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Wait, are you hiding in my basement? These are the sounds that have been coming up through the floorboards lately as the man is teaching himself guitar, but when we practices, he sounds nothing like the sloppy beginner that I tend to be. I have a Bodhran I’ve been trying to teach myself, but I won’t practice with anyone else in the house, so it has sat lifeless for over a year now.

    Big hug to you! I hope you feel better soon about whatever has got you down.

  2. I have to cut the grape-y stuff a bit dear Dinahmow.

    Good to know that Mr Gilmore found a safe place in your basement Melanie.

    You are, darling FN, you are …

    Back at the robot now dearest MsScarlet, the betterness is unavoidable …

  3. I am very sprry about this Mistress – a chronic fatigue must be very demanding. I feel better now, the voyage on Sunday was a bit stressful. The weather does not help, it is so schwül, warm & humid, the walls seem to sweat. Makes everybody a bit nervous I think, or touchy.
    This afternoon I’ll get my second inocculation. Many people around me felt the need to warn me of side effects, most mentioned – you guessed it ! – fatigue, days of tiredness. Wonder what’s in for me ?

  4. We had a rough two days here with the second shot, but now that I have become fully vaccinated I feel much relieved. I may still get sick from some nasty variant, but I feel like I would be less likely to die from it.

  5. I’m all for betterness IDV, spring and stuff …

    I feel relieved too Melanie ! As Ponita once pointed out, of course I can still carry the virus (or a variant), so while working with kids etc. a mask is required, but when fully vaccinated the chance of getting a dangerous, life threatening curse of illness is significantly smaller than when un-vaccinated. So yes, the virus may still be able to bite us, but we won’t die from it.

    The injection, as the first one, was absolutely payneless, nothing hurts – I had heared reports about people who had serious payne in the arm, but nothing here. I only felt very tired on Wednesday, and especially yesterday, on Thursday. But this may be attributed to the weather too – basically everybody I was talking to yesterday complained about the thick air, and of course headaches, the need for a little thunderstorm also. The mornings were göorious with the sun piercing through fog in the valleys – I was driving through golden fog once ! Or would be “mist” be the better description ? Ach, ach, und nochmal ach …

    It was a productive morning so far, I got get some things done. I hope to continue with this successfullity in the evening.

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