Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Yesterday saw me traveling with Deutsche Bahn. Someone in the upper region of the corporation must have decided that the pandemic is over : Let’s cut the trains in half, and cut the aircon too, because the German traveller is the toughest of them all, tha basteds did not pay for comfort !
Strangely enough it always works a dream on a certain leg of the route, the IRE 8 has usually cooled down carriages, it sometimes even imitates a rolling fridge. No mistake to carry a thin scarf with you. But one arrives in a civilised manner, not as sweaty blob. But I do not want to whinge, because despite the usual “maintenance works” that result in changing trains, all worked fine & in time. At home I could watch a very nice thunderstorm just over head, the temperature dropped through the night, I even needed a duvet in the morning.
This Sunday Music is a little piece composed by the Argentinian guitarist Máximo Diego PUJOL (Ger., Eng.) titled Candombe en Mi.
It comes in three versions : While Néstor BENITO plays it in a kind of meditative way on his ten string guitar (in 3:40),



young Sean CUNNINGHAM (about whom I sadly could find no more information) goes at it with a little more verve (in 3:10) :



But the version I like best is by Bor ZAKONJSEK (from Slowenia I think) (in 2:30) :



I hope you like the music. May we face a peaceful week.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. ooh I love all of these!
    Pick a favourite? No, I cannot. But, dependiing on my mood, I may like some more than others at different times.. All wonderful. Danke

  2. The weather broke here as well; I am wearing a jumper.
    I think people have called time on the pandemic in the UK as well – hence the rise in cases!
    Nice tune – just about to try Mitzi’s method of listening.

  3. Lovely! I have to try all three at once, but individually each was perfect. It’s good to be back with you after my being away and down for the count, so to speak! Be well, dear friend! xoxo

  4. Yes, it is a mood thing, but I guess it is alos an age “thing” – no favourite here, it s just about the difference Dinahmow, they all have the same “text”, but give different versions, but I prefer Borz’s, he is, don’tknow how to call it – relaxed ?

    I wait for a repeat of last night’s actions. And was promised rain by the weatherman. The heat just refuses to leave my appartement, and it slowly becomes a bit unnerving, dearest Mistress. But I do not weant to whine, really – soon enough we will have to reach for scarf & thermovest …

    Mitzi – you are a never dwindling source of wonder. And the Fleetwoods would have had another million seller with this !

    Yeah, delta will hit us too. People think it’s over, but I think one needs not to be a sage to see a rise in cases coming MsScarlet.
    All three at once – our felt fingered friend triggered something here !

    I started to wonder about your whereabouts, dear Savannah – I thought you went to the dark site again … Good to see you again !

  5. I’m amused by the expressiveness of the third man’s face. I like that one. The first one is good too because it has more of a richness to the sound and he’s playing it on a 10-string guitar! Most guitars are just six strings. That is plenty of strings for my fingers to trip over so I imagine having more strings requries even more precision in playing it well.

  6. I am overchallenged with one string Melanie ! I have no clue why some models have more than six strings. I think one of the guitar greats once had a seventh string, a bass I believe, mounted on his classical guitar, but I forgot who it was (IF I am right at all). It is a wonderful instrument, and a lot to discover re the relatives, like the oud etc. In the end it may all just come from half a kalebasse with a string over it … Tim may have another idea …

  7. I prefer the third one, too – for the (as Melanie has pointed out) expressive face.
    And, yes, I also had a go at listening to them all at once – it is somewhat Fleetwood Maccy!

    I hope you manage to stay cool, Mago. I bet you look quite the sophisticated gentleman with your thin scarf.

    P.S. = Pneumonia, Savvy?!? I’m so happy you’re well again.

  8. “sophisticated gentleman – *bruwhahaaa* – I look like the fishmonger’s wife with that thing over my head & the battered working blouse. At least the thing is “beißfest”, prooved, IDV, seriously prooved.

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