Sunday Music

I am sorry, this is a short post. I worked yesterday, and I will do additional driving in this week. Today I just wanted to do nothing, nothing at all. I even did not play with my new toy, my new gomjunigeider, as we Franconians call it. More about this tomorrow. For now it is Sviatoslav RICHTER (Ger., Eng.) who gives us Prelude and Fugue: No. 1 in C Major (BWV 846) by Johann Sebastian BACH : Delightful and consolating four and a half minutes.
May this week bring nothing bad.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I also worked yesterday, but then I always work every second Saturday but never Sundays. I hope you got plenty of rest today (Sunday). My mum used to play that first piano bit. I’ve always liked it. The whole is very pleasant. And yes, may this week be completely uneventful.

  2. *PFRÖÖÖÖTH !* Somewhere I have a cartoon by Franquin featuring a duck calling pipe – but it’s a bit cynical, especially while Franquin did not like hunting. Maybe I can find & reproduce it Savannah.

    Berating yerself for doing nothing ?! Whow C., this is something I never have achieved. I think the whole world would be better with a little bit more “Om”, relaxed & centred serenity.
    Just do the no-do !

    Good to see you again Ponita, you were silent for quite a time. We do only a few Saturdays, no Sundays. Glad that you like the music, I fiind the end of the little fugue very pleasant & moving, no idea why. Yeah, an uneventful week would be nice, we had our share last week.

  3. This can be very comforting dearest Mistress – and I hope it is for you. Please recover fully.

    Sorry MsScarlet, I am knackered : HEat, humidity, air pressure ; I had to pull meself together very seriously this afternoon to deliver my drive without shouting or inappropriate behaviour. I came home basically on my last leg, and am in absolutely no position to work on my gomjunigeider this evening. After the storm, when the air pressure is right, my brain back in working mode, then … I promise even photographs. I am sorry, you, and the 21st century, have to wait one more day until my arrival.

  4. I’m with Cie, I too must always be doing. Those old-fashioned Puritian work ethics still have their way with me, or maybe I am inspired by the productivity of sharks who can move for miles and never really sleep. I do sleep though, A good 7 hours most of the time.

  5. “Gomjunigeider” – I googled (well, Binged) and all that came up was this post. I am, like Ms Scarlet, on the edge of my seat (because there are books on it preventing a proper sit down).

    I love the prelude of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue. The fugue’s notbad, either.

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