The Scarlet Stare

Of course I can not offer a Big Pink Bush, like Ms Scarlet ; and of course I will not supply images of towel model TURNER, like IDV & Ms Scarlet. So logically all that is left for me, is to present my gomjunigeider on a pink towel, ha !
Here you see the new one :


Who would have ever thought that we’d use black tiles for “communication” ?

And here is for Your viewing pleasure, an image of the old gomjunigeider. Served for more than fifteen years : Well done !


19 thoughts on “The Scarlet Stare

  1. A phone!!!! Oh my goodness!!! And the last one you had lasted FIFTEEN years???!!! Apologies, I seem to be repeating everything you’ve just written with added exclamation marks and capitalisation.
    You are a saint. I want a new phone, but I’ve only had my current one since 2019 – although it was reconditioned and not brand new. I will think of you whenever I hanker after new tech and your example will boost my resolve not to add to the tech mountain of crap.

  2. The old one is what they call in German a “Opahandy” – the simple non-smartphone for the elderly : Phone & sms, and that’s it.
    Back in 2006 it was not top of the notch, but not necessarily the one for dummies. It was even capable of connecting to the internet, but I never did – this screen is really small. I used this thing only for work. Sadly over the years it could not hold the jiuce properly anymore (still the first battery or however you call this), and connecting it via bluetooth (yes, it has a bluetooth connection !) to the vehicle would suck it dry within one hour. So someone around me could not longer watch the drama, and gave me the new communication deVice – I just have to set it up. It is a “smart” phone, looks damn cool, and has an aweful number of cameras on the backside. Seems to be a little bit more than just a phone.
    “Gomjunigeider” is Franconian English for “communicator”.

  3. Nice one! Ah, reminds me of my husband, a Frenchman from the countryside, a hard worker who carries the most basic $15 flip phone. Those new-fangled smartphones aren’t for the likes of him, who prides himself on succeeding on using less.

  4. Huzzah! You and the MITM have both entered the 21st century! His phone was probably just a little younger than yours. Enjoy your new communication deVice! ;) xoxo

  5. “Flip phone” – stylish, eh ?
    If this goes on ChezPerrier, we’ll sound like the Three Welshmen of Python fame …

    I just asked someone, and he told me it would be easy, self explaining, to start such a machine : “Just accept all”, he said. Oh dear … Best wishes to you Savannah, stay healthy please.

  6. I have a Samsung Galaxy . I got angry with all the stupid “messages” people kept sending and then it would go ding-dong in the middle of my night time, updating some function.
    So I cancelled the account and now use it solely as a camera. If I get another mobile phone it will be an old-style one.

  7. I googled that word and came up with nothing! Hope you enjoy (or at least find useful) the new phone. I can’t imagine a mobile phone lasting for 15 years!! The longest I’ve kept one is 5 years.

  8. I am still pondering what to do. But I think I will go all in head first – if I already have such a deVice I want the full deVice experience, ding-dong and all … Is the camera good, Dinahmow ?

    What word Ponita ? The Franconian English ? No way, there will be no results, never !
    The old one is a sturdy product. Comes in an all metal case, what is very useful when it falls down. I think it is a Nokia in disguise. It carries the brand name “Siemens Benq”, but to my best knowledge this company did not produce actual hardware, only sold it under the traditional name “Siemens”. So they simply re-badged something else, be it produced by Nokia or some Taiwanese company, who knows. I think “Siemens” does not exist anymore either, like Nokia. So, yeah, it is Samsung here, something galactic.

  9. Oh dear GOd … it’s the house Werner & George (Siemens & Halske) built, dear Mistress. “Siemens”, as a brand name, stood for reliable, well engeneered (electrical) products, like “Borsig” (heavy machinery, lokomobiles), “Bosch” (electric trick), and (for fuck’s sake) “Krupp” (steel. Nothing else.) – the first or second wave of the industrial revolution of 19th century Germany, when the entrepreneur personality formed “the company” (“das Werk”) from nothing but his ingenious ideas, will – and Prussian money. “Pappa” BORSIG still knew the names of his workers, as did old KRUPP, before his company expanded beyond recognition. All patriarchalic happiness, “bliue Monday” included when everybody was still hung-over from the weekend. When the big moustached guys grabbed their hammers again, starting nailing and banging on … I think you should write a German industrial history of the 19th century …

  10. And here I thought a gomjunigeider was something you could drink out of, like a stein. I must admit I am slightly disappointed. Now you must personalize that black block with something that gives the casual observer a tiny peek into your personality. Mine is an entire fucking galaxy, of course in prominent shades of blue and purple.

    Somewhat relatedly, I have wasted all day trying to resurrect ProximaBlue as my writing alter ego via WordPress and its amounting to a whole lot of nothing for all my effort. Hrmpf. You’re beloved proxy might have to go back to Blogger for this one.

  11. Sorry for the let-down Melanie, it’s just a black brick, but an elegant one. I am not yet in the personalisation stage, sorry.

    Yes of course I remember Proxima – who made me blog ! And didn’t you use once a “Nimh Sellers” avatar / name ? I searched for the “Proxima” blog, but it seems that you deleted it. I am sorry to learn that your efforts on wordpress came to nothing – what has happened ?
    If you go back to blogger, please allow me to comment with my wordpress blog – you decide this when you set it up. It can be changed easily. Sadly some bloggers did not allow non-google comments.
    Anyway – this new “communicator” is an “android”-machine what means that I have to create an google account simply to be able to use the phone as phone. I am looking at this and wonder what I will be able to use then from the google universe. I just need to do this – argl …. I do not know, and hence can not explain, what stalls me ! Maybe the tease must grow stronger a little, tiny bit …

  12. Wow, I can’t believe you rmember Nimh Sellers! Yes, that one was short lived! Having mutiple identities is easy, trying to make these blog formates do what I want is soooo painful, ugh! I spent all day manuevering bits and pieces. Here’s the address, not sure you can see it yet. I’ll be sure to fix the comments so you can post.

  13. I finally let go of my beloved flip phone for a black slab, and it reminds me of the ominous dolman that features in 2001 – A Space Odyssey. It’s large, it’s threatening, it wants to own my soul, and it makes unwelcome boops and beeps at inopportune moments. Mine is clad in an industrial slipcase made of some bouncy material, because I drop things. It was a good choice. I drop it a lot. So far it has escaped damage. I have to say that in No Way Whatsoever has it done anything to make my life faster, more efficient or easier in any way, shape or form. It’s awkward to speak into, annoying to unlock, and it takes forever to boot. The only thing I like about it is that it has a camera. I took a bunch of pictures of my garden on it, synched it to my Cloud account, and only 1/3 of them transferred because my stupid phone is set to take mega-pixel images that refuse to transfer. Fuck this thing. I remember when you could pay $15.00, get a telephone in a bag from the phone company, plug the fucker in and make all the calls your heart desired for $9.00 a month. You called people, people answered the calls, business was conducted, and life went on. GAAAAH!

  14. Must be an un-smart phone FN. I spent the last evening with my “smart” phone, and finally it did what it should do. But this only worked because of the woman at my side. I’ll tell about this in the next post, you Luddite !

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