A Little Whine

I was not able to go to Suebia this weekend, and it feels crap. And it is all my Grätigkeit to blame.
For some days now I develop a headache from midday onwards that slowly but steadily gets on my nerves. Yesterday evening I nearly lost it at our filling station. I drove towards home in the late afternoon through heavy rain, met an unwanted detour, cursed the autobahn I had to rejoin, finally reached the filling station with the last drop of Diesel. Here I forgot something, a guy yelled at me, and I was close to, well, loose it. The Suebian expression is “auf der Sau ‘naus”, what may give you an idea of my feelings. My co-driver made me realise the nonsense, and all was fine.
I actively avoided (more than usual) collisions that would have been caused by other drivers over the last days – and pray that I made no serious mistakes meself. I saw some inner-city accidents last week, and three heavy ones on country roads & the autobahn this Wednesday. These three happened obviously shortly before I passed the location. In one case a car seemingly summersaulted into a field, at least I could not see that the thing would have been driven to the location where it came to rest, on its left side – the wheat was still standing well all around it. In all cases dutifull people already were doing the necessary, like safeguarding the location, helping the hurt etc., so I could drive by.
The weather is strange. I know for sure that my body reacts to air pressure – I mean that I need some air pressure to function properly. I think that is not the case right now. Usually I lie down in the late morning for an hour or so, sleep a little, doze a little, get up after an hour or three halves, all well. Over the last days I slept awefully at these occasions, and when I got up, the face in the mnirror was terrible, swollen, like after a Sauftour, a real bad bender. The mentioned headache does not help. Time through these siestas flowes differently : I fell asleep, woke up with the impression that I must have slept for an hour or so, that it would already be time to get up and prepare to leave for work. A look on the (radio-)clock taught me again & again that only fifteen to twenty minutes had passed. I find this very distressing, simply because I usually can rely on my feeling for time. And because I woke up, and felt even more exhausted than before.
I blame this terrible pressure system they called “Bernd”, or “Bernhard”, I don’t know. I only hope “Bernd” finally pisses off, the basted did enough damage around here.
I seriously need to entkrümpfeln : I want to see nothing, hear nothing, meet nobody over this weekend. I feel old, exhausted, grätig. It is different this time. Only two weeks until holidays. I have to scrap everything together to keep my optimism. And it feels lousy not to be in Suebia.

7 thoughts on “A Little Whine

  1. Sorry you are so miserable. But you are here. I heard on the news that some are still missing in the floods…
    I suggest a glass of something light, maybe Liebfraumilch, ja? and a snooze.

  2. Heck yeah – what happens over there is absolutely terrible ! It is not yet over. I just read in the news that a damm broke. Many are still missed, the death rate is climbing ! we have only wet feed here in Franconia, but not washed away houses !
    It will take some time until the floods recede, and I fear the damage will be really terrible. Not because of money, things – but lives, existances …
    What reminds me that the last time I heared from fellow blogger Princess – I’d guess two years ago now ? – there was also a flood involved in Southern Australia (Bendigo ?).
    All people in the interviews said that it occured very fast – they could watch the waters rise – , and the very impressive power, the destructive energy it developed : It just tore things apart we built, and meant to last, like bridges, streets / roads, complete houses … just washed away like a sandcastle.

    Thank you for the suggestion Dinahmow, I’ll stick to the Sylvaner.

  3. I too am sorry you are not feeling well! I’m glad you avoided being a part of any of the accidents. People know better. they know they should slow down in the rain when driving, but they quickly become complacent and drive the speed that they want to go anyways. I wish I had some way to make you feel better. Now that it is the weekend, maybe you can take a good sleeping aid and the deep rest will do you good? I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Really awful to read about the floods – I think Germany got our weather, it usually dumps on us, instead we are unprepared for the scorching heat. I was out walking at 7.30am and it was already hot.
    I am also grumpy.
    I hope you are feeling more yourself soon.

  5. Thank You Melanie – I slept & slept, without any sleeping aid, I just slept. Enough water, no wine – I’m a new born Mago !

    So I am not alone with this “air pressure thing” ? The Holidays are looming, soon they’ll arrive IDV. I am determined to spent as much time as possible there in “Schwaben” !

    Schluss mit Schnakken – Kopp in’n Nakken ! Prost Anna !

    Come on MsScarlet, let’s de-grumpf. At 7:30 I slept happily, when I got up in the late morning the heat was alraedy piling up outside, but thankfully no more humidity. I think “Bernd” finally moved along.

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