Sunday Music

Enough of that silly whine, enough of the grump(f) – let’s happily jump around to this 1938 tune by Count BASIE (Ger., Eng.) Jumping at the Woodside (Ger., Eng.). (Here are Count BASIE and Oscar PETERSON playing the tune, just for your pleasure.)
I hope you enjoy the music, may we face a bearable new week.


This song was first published 1938.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. SUnday Music may be anything Chezperrier – from GLUCK to 60s progrock, from Japanese bamboo flute to alpine power yodeling. This time I only was interested in something that was published in 1938, for what reason ever …

    Exactly Savannah – jump up & dance into a brand new week – so fresh, it’s still squeacking !

  2. Don’t know IDV – must be in the air – dance like it’s 1938 !

    Hint ?? Whatdoyamean MsScarlet ? I know what you mean with too hot – one day it is too hot, or too humid ; another one is too cold, or too dark. It is a wonder, a wonder I say, that antyhing at all is typed, written, published … I remember with embarrassment all the post I did not write, some were even very close to being published : Oh, what an interesting place my blog could have been !

  3. It’s like Goldilocks and the three posts!! It does have to be atmospherically just right before I press publish. Maybe I ought to get over myself?

  4. Do not force yerself into something you may regret MsScarlet !
    On the other hand. you recognise the “right moment” only when it has passed … ach herrjeh

    I think you just have to bite the bullet, break the barrier, I run out of silly metaphors – Just Do It ! Oh GOd, all of a sudden I feel like in a 90s motivational video (“CHakka – Du schaffst es !”) – Gimme a “G” for Goldilocks ! Gimme a “M” for Munich !
    I feel appeased now ….

  5. Fun music! When I saw 1938 I was happy to sit back and watch the comments with amusement. I can’t say I’ve ever been very good at remembering dates. I have a general idea of when things happened. I feel it first and then a tug in the back of my mind and then I remember why a day or year is supposed to be important. It’s usually related to some one’s death date, some dead person saying, “Hey Girl, don’t forget about us. We’re alive as long as you remember.” Fucking responsibilities!

  6. I am terrible with dates Melanie, be it birthday, or death date. I remember a general “flow” of things, what happened when, after another “thing”, and why it is related to me or someone else. And of course, they are alive as long as we remember !

    Ah yes Mistress, so we hear the stuff over and over again …
    Around here the big “selling point” for music stations is “the Eighties” – “We play the most Eighties !”, or “We have the additional 80er in an hour !” That makes me sometimes switch to a strange station that plays only very different actual stuff (usually for ten minutes, until my passengers complain), or – if I am in a strange mood – the “Rock” -station. But frankly what they call “Rock” makes me often cringe, I mean “Whitesnake” or ffs the millionth version of “Bohemian Rhapsody” is not necessarily “rock and roll”. I seriously miss the CD-player !
    My beloved Station for Classical Music (Bayern4 / BR4) sadly is absolutely limited to the borders of Bavaria (that I cross several times while driving), and I have not found a Jazz station yet. Maybe I have to check the DAB-radio option, it seems to be promising.

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