Sunday Music

All waits for the rather small, daily electrical storm. The atmosphere is not as muggy and stiffling as it was yesterday, but if you move too fast, sweat will pour out of your body mercilessly. It was cloudy all through the day, now the clouds have dark bottoms. It is pretty silent, all waits for some rain.
It was a lazy Sunday after a busy week. Nothing special, just work as usual, but a little more. The end is near, coming Thursday is the last regular working day, the schoolyear ends. I really wonder what we’ll see in September ; all covid-related indicators point upwards, all & everybody argue about the vaccination of children – I am sceptical. I do not believe that we will “just” return to business-as-usual in coming autumn, I doubt that I will pick up my regular schedule in mid-September. Anyway – we’ll see what will happen.
Without further fanfare, let’s listen to some nice Sunday Music : Valse Bluette composed by Ricardo CASTRO HERRERA (1864-1907) (Ger., Eng.), performed by Józef OLECHOWSKI (about), I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be bearable.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. What a lovely period piece, sweetpea! As I listened, I felt as if I was listening to the opening scenes of an Edwardian drama along the lines of Downton Abbey. Perfect Sunday music! Here’s to a better week ahead. xox

  2. “Kopf-Kino”, cinema in one’s head – glad to learn that it produced some interesting ideas in your head Savannah ! And this music grows on a total Mexican background : The author is Mexican, the pianiste (a born Pole) is something like a “Mexican by Honour”, because he lives there for ages. Kulturra fill gutt !

  3. I wish you could blow those clouds my way. We, the rainiest place in the continental US., have not had more than a thimble of rain since May! Oh my beloved tree! And yet, I’m thinking about the triassic period and feeling rather upbeat so my theme song for today is Dave Brubeck’s Take Five:

    They’re wearing my glasses. I am such a fashionista! Ha,ha,ha. My platoon mates used to call them “birth control” but I’ve always enjoyed playing the part of the chameleon librarian. I just slide them off my noses and boom! Insta sexy! (According to 90s American high school movies.)

  4. Bizarrely, our Covid cases have gone down, no one knows why – methinks people woz fibbing to get get time off in the sun.
    Meanwhile, you have mail – I sent you a sneak peek of 1938!

  5. So my job is done, Mistress

    I think over at your place / region sunglasses are for roleplay only, dear Melanie ?

    Here it is just a matter of time (and mathematics) until we’ll reach numbers like some months ago. It is better because a lot of people are vaccinated now ; and because the new variant(s) attack younger people, who generally have a better chance, the death toll will not be as high as it used to be. But as one person saied :In Autumn one is either vaccinated, or the delta will get you.
    It snuck, I peeped, and already answered – thank you again MsScarlet !

  6. Are they expecting those with pianos to play along, hence the music score? I have difficulties reading music, especially when the notes move off the scale like that. Nice piece though.

  7. Austere ! Thank You for dropping by ! It’s ages since I heared from you – how are You ? I only hope the damn virus did not bite you, must have been very severe and dramatic months at your place. Did you go inside, and live a recluse’s life ? Could you write, did you paint more ? I am sorry for being terrible at writing emails, really I should have been sending even a short message, please accept my excuses.

    No idea Mitzi, I do not know if the video’s author expects someone to play along – in this case here some practice, if not even mastership, is required I think. I still can read music, astoundingly fast even, given the fact that I have not played anything with keys for ages. My fingers would know nothing to do.
    I usually avoid videos with the notation shown (as this one), but prefer it always over strange “impressions” or somesuch artistical efforts. I even decided against music because of the terrible video, when I could not find another version I find acceptable. What I really prefer is when the video just shows the lp on the player. Yes, I said that anything can be “Sunday Music”, if it’s under four minutes. Any kind of music. But a cheesy video made from kitchy images is a big “NoNo” nevertheless.

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