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I decided that I had enough of the news. What happens in Afghanistan right now, changes everything. With the Western troops marches out the very last remnant of something called “trust”, the little bit that was left after the Western allies under US lead betrayed the Kurds some years ago, evaporates. Like anything else that was tried in this country over the last twenty years or so – puff, gone, welcome back in patriarchal stoneage, islamistic version. Pakistan feels betrayed too, the whole damn region is even more instable. Last week the Chinese gouvernement received a visit of some Taliban leaders. One may wonder when they’ll start mining there. The number of refugees in Europe will grow, of course.
Obviously there was / is a major misassessment, misjudging on USAmerican side, would be nice if a little more realistic point of view would be taken in general. But anyway, the deed is done, the world has to face the consequences.
Enough of this, and other idiotic things.
Today’s Sunday Music is a foxtrott titled El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor) (Eng.), composed by Moises SIMONS (1889-1945) (Eng.) ; here it comes in the 1930 version by Don AZPIAZU (1893-1943) (Ger., Eng.) and His Havana Casino Orchestra, singer is Antonio MACHIN (1903-1977) (Ger., Eng.). I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be less idiotic, mean, and violent – at least one can hope for it.



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  1. From the time of Alexander the Great, up to now, Afghanistan has defeated conquest/intervention/occupation. Their version of Islam is a corruption of the religion and based on their own primitive tribal mythology. So the ones who will suffer the most will be, once again, the women.

    Your choice of music is as always a real relief from the news of the day, sweetpea, and I thank you wholeheartedly! xoxo

  2. Foxtrot? Don’t mind if I do!

    Afghanistan, What a shitshow! The “peace” deal was started by the former President Cheetohead. Did Biden make it worse? Was he somehow tied to let it go through like it did? There are so many unanswered questions! There are multiple levels of distrust and betrayal that has happened here and “I’m sorry” just isn’t good enough to any of them. Some other country can lead the next war.

  3. Indeed – I’m also very tired of the relentless bad news.
    I love the tune – it reminds me of my old dog whose official Kennel Club name was Jazztheme Peanut Vendor.

  4. I would if I could Dinahmow.
    Glad you like the music.

    Think you summarised it well Savannah.
    Music is a small comfort, but at least some comfort.

    You mean that piece of paper that was signed in Doha ? That was no peace deal Melanie. The only thing the Taliban agreed to is that they will not allow another group like al-keida to use their country. Full stop. Nothing else. And if Trump says he met them, that is wrong : He had a phone call with the one guy who lead the Taliban group in Doha a day or so later, nothing came from it.
    As I understand, Biden ordered the withdrawal after he was briefed by “an agency”. It seems to be understood that the Afghan forces could & would resist against the Taliban for at least 12 months – I think that is why Biden said that they “must have the will” to fight. German sources say the Afghan forces could, if all goes well, fight against the Taliban for three month, then they are at their end, what means defeat.
    I wonder who wrote that assessment for Biden ? Some “specialist” who is still left from the last administration ? It is a fundamental misjudgement, like when Pearl told Bush and the army the American GIs would be celebrated as liberators in Baghdad – is this wishful thinking or obstruction ? Again, the deed is done, and I repeat it : the world has to carry the consequences.

    I never have heared a so sophisticated name for a dog like Jazztheme Peanut Vendor, dearest MsScarlet. Most people prefer short, shoutable names for their dogs, like ganja, weed or speed. Glad to have caused some nice memories !

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