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If you do not have problems – go, create ! I am sure that someone used or uses this “go, create” slogan, but I have no idea who, and am not in the mood to look for it.
Some years ago our friend gave me a marvellous little portable computer that helped me with an assignment ; it worked well, but sadly died one day. I helped myself with some museum-worthy machines until I bought the one I have now – not exactly small, not portable, let’s call it Hulk.
The merchant I bought it from, was glad to see Hulk go, and gave me for free a second hard drive, and a disk writer, one of the I-write-on-everything-sort, very useful.
Sadly Hulk came without operating system. I had already a longer flirt with linux, and decided to give it a chance. I opted for a lightweight system, kde based, called “chakra”. It all went well, until after some years of carefree computing I started to run into trouble. I wanted to change something regarding software, and it did not work, public keys for pgp were not intact, or missing. Then I started to get messages from websites telling me that my browser is too old to be useful, a lot of sites asked me to please update whatever I was using. I dutifully looked at the forum etc. and found that I am not the only one with these problems. For whatever reason(s), the solutions I found did not work. Someone even said that “chakra” now is “abandoned”.
I think it is a normal story : Some people voluntarily – and I can not emphasise this enough : voluntarily – created a working system, kept it going, and as life goes on, finally found not the time for the effort any more, or maybe, became frustrated (I read some demanding messages in various fora over the years, some users forget that they did not buy a product). To make a long story short, it became a bit too much with the problems.
I again looked around for an operating system that would run on Hulk, who did not get younger either. This time I wanted to be sure that there is support available that is not some guy’s rambling comment with some command lines interspersed. I am not afraid of command lines, but we moved on, today I prefer one-click-solutions. Also installing should not lead to another night wasted on brain-knotting logic exercises (if I click this box here, and opt for “no” there, then …).
The solution is “Ubuntu Mate“. The company behind “ubuntu” is around for some years, has no plans to go away, long term support is secured at least until 2023. I burnt a cd, tried it out, and was happy with what I saw. Then I bulldozed over the assigned hard drive recklessly : It felt strangely satisfying. Wann’s mehr ‘ned braucht’ …

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  1. I am impressed by your tech abilities! I’ve adapted to the fact that the right side shift key only works when it feels like it, so my typing skills have slowed down a bit to accommodate the reach over! Have fun, sweetpea! xoxo

  2. Thank you Savannah, that is very nice of you ! But my “tech ability” starts & ends with the ability to open a bottle of Sylvaner – trust me, I learned the hard way. Regarding computer, I know how to operate the ON-OFF-button …
    Sorry to hear that your key is still not functioning properly. I have no idea about your keyboard, but usually one can open a keyboard, there are some screws on the back. So one can clean it out – putting it back together is another task … just screw it. I did this, and it worked, at least with two cheapo all plastic standard DELL boards. Design lovers on the other hand …
    What I described in the post is only software related, sorry Savannah, and all worked. The merit is to the people who wrote the software, in a way that even me can use it successfully.
    BTW one thing is really good : I had no problems with drivers, especially graphic / screen stuff. And the screen really is sharper. I am now using firefox again, and hopefully all blog related woes will come to an end too.

  3. The shift key problem is an issue Apple is aware of and will replace the key IF you send them your MQAC and can live without it for THREE WEEKS! Adapting is easier and faster! xox

  4. Three weeks. This is hard detox, alias cold turkey, as we used to know it. I forgot that you use a modern portable laptop that stands no chance in the dishwasher. Sorry Savannah, I’m just stuck on Hulk level …

  5. I used to speak computer tech with the best of them, but with each new generation I got further and further behind and now I’m reduced to nothing more than trying to remember to open and close by font style preferences like this

  6. I had a beastly experience with Ubuntu. Sadly, I’m enough of a tech-tard that I’m probably a Windows lifer. (Hangs head in shame.)

  7. Well done you.
    I loathe struggling with tech these days. Due to a recent Apple update I’ve been struggling with my volume controls, where turning down the sound would flip me to a completely different place completely. Thankfully I sorted it without losing any hair, or even an eyebrow.
    I thought Apple tech was supposed to be intuitive – what happened?

  8. Sorry that the fonts did not what you wanted them to do Melanie. Take care please, you can not allow insubordination of objects, they be analogue or digital.

    No worries Cara – my first experiences with anything linux were absolutely terrible. Also the first ubuntu “stuff” did not work, but that was ten or more years ago. Today it is easy, seriously. Hulk is ca. ten years old, and happily works with the new one. Load it down, burn an iso-cd, and try it out – if you like. When your actual system is running well, then do not change it.

    I never thought about software etc. as “intuitive” MsScarlet – microschuft products never have been. Some other programs played hide & seek with the user, as if the programmer thought “Now let’s see if they’ll find this option ever – bruwhahaaa !”
    About the apple machines and their software I can say nothing, because I never used them.
    I only once had a try with “Safari”, but found it not better or worse than what I had instead (forgot what it was).

    The stoned lady is playing a flute in the orangerie of the Residenz garden. In fact there once was an orchestra (stoned) through this garden, gnomes included dear Mitzi.

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