Look, Wonder, Press Delete

When you have to tinker with your computer on the operating system level, it is recommended to make a “backup” before all gets lost. A “backup” is generally a good idea, and yes we all dutifully do create the regular safety copies, of course … Of course not, whom am I kidding ?
I copied a lot of stuff that had amassed since I bought “Hulk”, then I worked through it and decided what to keep on the newly set up machine. For example, tons of youtube links had to go : The stuff is on youtube, I never have looked at these links again. What I kept are some channels by people who share a similar taste of music, or who specialised in certain fields, like e.g. baroque music, or 20th century composers. These channels are good starting points for searching a Sunday Music.
Then there were texts in various stages of development that never will be finished, not needed photographs / images, obscure downloads ; I found two mp3–files (in one a young man explains some equipment to me, in the other a foreigner with an accent speaks nonsense), but wordpress in its wisdom does not allow its non profit generating users to upload audio formats, tah !
An of course tons of links for unrealised posts. For example I once wanted to visit car museums, like those of Mercedes or Toyota (German examples here ; worth a look, the Schlumpf collection). Because of the pandemic many museums went online, the Smithsonian provided a nice starting point, for the Louvre someone already put a tour together. And on & on. At least I brought it down to two lists of unsorted bookmarks, or one very long one. With the right thinning-the-herd-attitude I should be able to reduce this significantly. Solve et coagula applies in any circumstance …

10 thoughts on “Look, Wonder, Press Delete

  1. One may hope, dear Dinahmow. A unwanted side effect of the change of system is that the photo database I had started, is now worthless, but I had not come far anyway.

  2. I can relate to this. I spent nearly all day yesterday on and off trying to find a copy of my resume so I can update it and start job hunting. I had two hard drives and five USB sticks to rifle through!

    How is the weather in Germany these days? Better I hope? Our clouds have returned, but still no rain for us.

  3. Thankfully my texts are organised, but my photos are not. So when I look for something I know I have photographed, it borders to useless. But I am determined to change this.

    Cool temperatures here, Melanie, around 12° C, this should be around 55° F. Clouds raced in yesterday evening, rain & strong wind ; the clouds are still here and show their dark bellies. One meteo site says “Late summer tries”, the temperatures will rise next week into the lower twenties Celsius, but dramatic light with cloud monsters (can’t help : Wolkenungethüm sounds a bit better for these fluffy creatures) will stay. If the sun comes out over the next weeks and is undisturbed, we should see a pretty good wine this year.

  4. I don’t mind losing my tech baggage – it’s not like I can remember what’s there – and I rarely look at my bookmarks. I wish I had this attitude to my real clutter.

  5. Oh please do not remind me of the real clutter MsScarlet, there is always the cellar compartement …I fear the day when I’ll finally move away from this place.


    These two mp3-files I mentioned, it really bothers me that I can not share this via my blog. So Iooked for the very simplest way to do this, and the solution is a website called “sndup” : You upload an audio-file, and receive an url. That’s it. From that link you can download the file, listen to it, and delete it. It’s really not worth archiving. Both files are in mp3 format, the first is under one MB (I think), the second is pretty large at 9 MB+, sorry. Sure there are ways to compress, but I am not familiar with audio files.
    File 1 is here
    File 2 is here
    Please see that this is no “streaming”, nothing starts from itself. If you want to hear, just load it down, any old mediaplayer will reproduce a mp3 file.
    If I am correct, these files will be auto-deleted on the server after sixty days after the last activity.

  6. I stand corrected ! Sorry, I just tried this now, right in the moment. I right-clicked on the link, and opted for “open in a new tab”. Then I right-clicked on “download” and opted for “open in new tab” : A black screen appeared with a very simple interface, and I could listen to the file(s). No download whatsoever.
    Wonders of the internet.

  7. Ah, yes, backing up and deleting. I will do these things one day. For a long while, I was waiting for the proverbial “rainy day” to undertake such tasks, but seeing as how almost every day has been rainy (or at the very least overcast and dull), I end up saying to myself “I’ll do it tomorrow”…

    Well done on your ‘Spring clean’, Mago! (The weather is certainly Spring-like rather than Summer…)

  8. Sadly, I am one of those people who is always de-cluttering my computer. As I sold out and went with Windows, I am only able to tinker with the inner workings by fighting dragons, answering riddles, consulting with the spirits of the departed – there a lot of hoops to jump through, and it’s all regulated online. I used to enjoy messing with that stuff. Now I just clear out the cookies and call it done.

  9. Yep, “tomorrow is another day”, a very popular mantra IDV. The weather turned from a no-summer to an early autumn, it’s just missing the fog … still.

    I am sure Dave, you were a pretty impressive dragon slayer ! Sometimes I think they left us the cookie-cleaning as a pseudo-activity, just to give us the feeling of being not totally helpless. From my experience windood was not really user-friendly, they always managed to hide some (necessary) option somewhere in the depths of that central protocol, how was it called ? See I already forgot

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