Sunday Music

At the moment it is not raining right here. All is wet, the air is fresh, nippy enough for me to roll myself in the old rug I use through winter, a very useful blanket. The Northern horizon is wiped out, there should be hills, but all I see is a wall of white mist – is it possible to speak of a “streak of rain” ?
I have some eggs & vegetables left, so later some kind of omelette will be prepared – yes, prepared. Because now I own not only a hot plate (a gift I am very thankful for !), but also a nice cooking pot. I am tempted to call it a Kasserolle (Ger. only). I have to learn how this induction plate works – it is fast ! – & how it reacts. But I am sure that I’ll get my head around this, simply because I want to.
I made a to-do-list for tomorrow, much to my chagrin I have forgotten a few things lately. I hate it when I finally sit down with that content feeling of “All is done”, and apruptly some things jump at me ferociously, yelling “You forgot me ! I am still here, you see ?! Shame on you ! Shame !” Astounding that a phone call or an envelope can have such a life of their own. Energetic beasts.
A total different kind of energy developed the gentlemen Jim HALL (1930-2013) (Ger., Eng.) and Paul DESMOND (sax) (1924-1977) (Ger., Eng.) in company with Gene CHERICO (1935-1994) (Ger., Eng.) on bass & Connie KAY (1927-1994) (Ger., Eng.) on drums. In 1964 they played HALL’s All Across the City in the most elegant way.
I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be relaxing and peaceful.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I only shortly ironed a shirt, two or three months ago. No worries Melanie.

    Glad you like it Dinahmow.

    Yes, this Mr Desmond knew how to blow. The other three fellows are not bad either, Mr Hall dabs the music in his solo – don’t know if this gives “hingetupft”.
    The hot plate is already useful MsScarlet. Suddenly I want to cook !

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