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I am in a chatty mood today. I bought some beer from foreign places. Some weeks ago a friend invited me to dinner, and we went to a place that offers Chinese food. I never have been to China, or Asia in general, so I have no idea whether the food offered here in Europe as “Chinese”, “Asian”, Thai” etc. is really something people in those countries or regions actually do eat. What is sold here may well be adapted to a common “European” taste. On their menue I found Korean beer, and ordered a bottle. The stuff was actually manufactured in Germany, a normal, nondescript “Pils”, drinkable, not bad, just a beer.
But today I bought beer from China – it seems that the big steamers now do arrive in Europe again : Brewed & bottled in Qingdao (Ger., Eng.) in a brewery established in 1903, when the city was a German colony. It contained only a very small amount of rice (3 %). I wonder if in other former German colonies also breweries can be found. It was a very pale, and “light” brew, nicely drinkable, less than 5 % alcohol. Just serve well cooled.
Out of pure curiosity I also bought a Belgian brew, something I usually avoid at all costs, simply because these people throw anything into their beer that can not run away : Rice, sugar, colour, more yeast, even chocolate. In my experience Belgian beer is synonym with headaches of the very bad sort. They produce these concoctions of course with a little more uumph than usual. So the “exceptionally rich and complex flavour palette” comes with more than 10 % alcohol. It is called “Gulden Draak” (Eng.) and comes in very small bottles. Two are enough, seriously.

In circa two weeks the new school year will start, it seems that for me nothing changes – same route, same children. We will have to start twenty minutes earlier than last year, so it nearly equals what we had before the pandemic. The virus’ “numbers” are all going upwards around here, it will be interesting to see if, and when yes, what, will be changed. Presumably nothing.
I have not read about the last “findings” of the virus’ origins, and frankly, I am inclined to doubt anything in this respect that comes from a stately source, be it USAmerican, or Chinese, or else.
I can not forget this article on Reuters from last year, nevertheless I do not know what to make out of it. I vaguely remember that the French also reported a virus related death from late 2019. Whatever it means, I hope someone will piece it together one day.
All I am interested in is that no one of the people I love gets infected, and that I meself do not infect nobody. If that means, I am the odd one with the mask, so be it. Surely I will not use something that is made for de-worming cattle as a medication.

I spent too much time on news sites these days, of course I could not escape the last effort of Mr West, who seemingly found something he calls “Jesus”. What I heard on youtube, and other occasions, was bombastically boring ; someone should tell him that the only person, who gets away with supersized glasses on this planet, is Ms Apfel, happy hundredth by the way.
Enough of this. Sorry for having bored you for another five minutes or so. Let’s finish with The Pylon of the Month, August 2021, here.

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  1. I’m more of a red wine drinker except when I spend lots of time in the yard being a dirty laborer, then nothing hits the spot better than a good cold beer. I prefer Amber Ales, either Dos Equis (a lager made by a German-born Mexican, fancy that! 4.2% Alcohol) or Fat Tire by New Belgium (American, 5.2% Alcohol).

    My child started in-person school today, they are required to wear masks. He is a few months shy of being old enough for the vaccine and I do worry how in person schooling with affect the infection rate here, but I can’t keep him locked away, that’s not really living and we have to do our best to make the most of what we have.

  2. One of the few publications I try to follow regularly, dear Savannah : The Pylon of the Month.

    I piled on too over the last months, dear MsScarlet

    There was, or still is – I do not think that a conclusion is already found – a discussion about vaccinating children. I think the stately board grumbled a bit, they will tell their opinion soon.
    I do not think that there is some discussion about masks indoors – just put it on.
    Here in Bavaria the rules were changed / adapted, because we now have more than 60 % of the adults vaccinated, and the new delta-variant is seemingly not that deadly as the original form was, and as feared. So now it is not the infection rate alone, but a combination of factors (notably the situation in hospitals / ICUs) that triggers different measures. If the infection rate is lower than 35 we are nearly back to normal. Here the rate is over 60. In the city itself over 100.
    The experience of the last school year, as far as I can say something about this, was that children did bring the virus to school despite a pretty strict regulated entrance regime. They sent whole classes in quarantaine – something that is changed, now only kids who were in close contact with the infected one will be asked to stay home for five days (not automatically two weeks as before). After that they will be admitted again after a test.
    I fear we will see a massive incline in cases among children shortly after the start of school mid-September here. All the ideas that kids were generally not infected, or that they’d carry a lower virus load etc. are proven wrong. Children get infected, they carry the virus, there is no magic resistance they have. In the end mask and vaccination are the only solution that we know to work.
    This virus does not vanish, we will have to live with it. I think the best solution will be to have it included in the yearly influenza prevention. As the influenza virus is monitored, and the vaccine changed depending on the virus development (id est mutation), in the same way we need to monitor the corona virus, and adapt our medication.
    Yes Melanie, it is inevitable that your kid returns to school, and I think your worry is all too rightful, but I think there is no alternative, we can not sit under the bell jar.

  3. Chatty?!? Was this before or after the beer?

    The “Pylon of the Month” thing threw me for a sec as I read it to be “Monty Python” something-or-other. Still, it didn’t stop me from clicking. February 2021’s (in Melbourne) is rather lovely.

  4. I wonder if I should send in a picture of one from here to the website, a Franconian specimen Or maybe one from the Suebian “Alb”, because they have built a new line there over the last year. I saw their progress, and it was pretty impressing.
    Sorry IDV, no groynes, no seals, no drama queen involved. The maximum would be a deer next to a pylon, I doubt that this would be tantalising.

  5. Yes, Mago I agree with everything you have said. I think that is the way it will end up as well. I have had a couple of mom friends text and call me in a panic. “We’re doing the right thing, right?” We are good parents, yes?” How do I end up the general of such haphazard armies? “Yes, I hear you, we are good parents, we are doing the best we can. It is not our purpose or ability to affect or change everything in our children’s lives. Just be there for them, even when you want to hide away and cry.”

  6. Oh the joys of wearing a mask, it gives you the freedom to visit down market places where the hoi polloi shop and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re not going to get recognised and gossiped about on Facebook for shopping at £-Stretchers and for looking at shoes in Wynsors.

  7. Sometimes I think it would be a good idea to lead them kids into the woods – but this happens only after a long day Melanie

    Your flaming bricktop gives you away Mitzi, no chance …

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