Beauty Helps

I am firmly convinced that beauty is a remedy, and can be found in nearly anything, be it naturally or man made. I am not sure about the qualities of beauty, I think harmony, style et al. are “applied” beauty, beauty in action so to say. It has the ability to console, to solace humans, what is a very wanted quality.
The pianist Paul LEWIS (Ger., Eng.) performs Bagatelle op. 119 no. 1 by Ludwig van. Nearly two minutes and thirty seconds of applied remedy.



Yes, I am back in Franconia, school started, work started, I’m driving alone through a wonderful autumn. Blogging will be resumed, things will settle in, einschuggeln

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  1. I see what you’ve done here! You are quietly distancing yourself from the headline ‘Sunday Music’! Clever. Sneaky! Did you think that no one would notice your cunning ploy????

  2. HA ! Double HA ! Never will I “quietly distance meself from “Sunday Music”, knowingly or un-knowingly – never !
    It was just not possible to put on a Sunday Music for the last two Sundays – the longest break in the history of Sunday Music since, yeah since Olim’s days … And because Sunday Music is always fresh, there is no writing in advance & using the timer for publishing, cheap tricks I say ! Next Sunday Music will be published next Sunday – HA !

  3. Yes, the “news” … It is incredible Savannah : In Eastern Germany a neo-fascist party put out campaign posters with the slogan “Hang the Greens !” This is by any means nothing but a call for murder on the political opponent. The Green party went to the prosecutor, who stated that he sees no reason for action – what “Greens” : Politicians, Voters ? Nobody knows. The town where this occured may take action, not he.
    The town finally took action and asked the nazis to put their placards down (within three days), otherwise the community would do this and make the nazis pay for the service.
    The nazis went to the administrative court, and this decided that there is nothing wrong with posters saying “Hang the Greens !”, as long as such a placard is at least one hundred meters away from a poster of the Green party.
    Cool, eh ?! This is Saxony, stronghold of democracy.

    I’ll look at your moss asap, dear Melanie.

  4. I saw a beautiful sunrise this morning, and agree that beauty does help. I’m not quite sure what it was helping so early in the morning as I hadn’t had time to properly wake up, never mind think/feel anything that would necessitate cheering up, but even so, it was a remedy of sorts.

  5. I enjoy watching the sunrise, the colours in the sky, evening light too – as far as I can say from what I see, it is a beautiful fall. Good to see that you already was cheered up tp the brim this morning, so the extra beauty came as a nice topping, dearest IDV.

  6. I just read that Angela Merkel is stepping down. Normally I would not like any politician to have such long term limits, but she was competent, which is why she got to stay in office so long. She deserves at least a week long trip to some fancy resort spa in the mountains to help her gain some of her youth back. I am only disappointed that she did not completely lose her shit at some summit meeting and beat the everloving snot out of Donald Trump for me. I would have sent her a love letter and flowers for that! Oh well… More importantly, how do you, Dear Mago feel about this coming change of power?

  7. Is it in the eye of the beholder only, or does it exist independently, and does that matter?
    I’m hoping to create a tiny garden outside my house this autumn so, come summer, I’ll have a little patch of beauty to do whatever it is it does.

  8. Yeah, Angela will step down – she became chancellor in 2005. She’s 59 years old now. Re Trump : There is a photograph from their first meeting where she looks absolutely stunned, she can not believe what she sees & hears. She said after that meeting : “Die USA sind kein verlässlicher Partner mehr.” And she was right. Sadly this seems to be correct for the time under Biden too, as the Trumpish submarine deal shows.
    von der Leyen is absolutely correct when she states that the EU must steer away now from the too close connection to the US (and the UK) in regard of military force, foreign politics, and economics. We have our own foreign policy (that is remarkably different from the US one), we are a economic power of our own, and we will built our own military forces that we will use in our own interest, not the US’s. Sorry Melanie.

    The coming chance of power – it is difficult. The candidate of the conservative party, well – I think Merkel’s shoes are a bit too large for him. Their shoes are basically a bit too large for any new chancellor, any one needs to grow when in office. But this guy seems not to have room to grow, or maybe the space is too limited – in fact I think that he is not the right man to lead Germany and play a role in Europe.
    The woman who runs for the Green party, tells a lot of nonsense. All I can see in her is a power hungry brat. I believe that she stomps her feet in frustration about her sinking numbers. Sadly she has nobody else left to blame than herself.
    The so called “liberals” here are not electable for me, sorry. Of course the nazi party that calls itself an “alternative” is also not electable – a shame to have these swine in the parliament.
    That leaves only one man standing, the candidate of the social-democratic party – and I think many of my fellow countrymen do come to the same conclusion, because the SPD is steadily growing its percentage of votes.
    It is sure that there will not be one party winning it all, there will be a need for a coalition. Some combinations are very unlikely. For example the Green party and the “Liberals” together is nearly unthinkable. No one wants to work together with the nazis (and will, with the possible exemption of the “Liberals” who already did on regional level, power hungry swine that they are).
    A “big coalition” between the two largest parties, the conservatives and the socialdemocrats, is also very unlikely – we had this for the last so-and-so years, and everybody is tired of it.
    So chances are that the next German gouvernement is Red-Green. or Red-Green-something ; or Conservative-Liberal. I think this is basically the choice we have.
    I prefer a gouvernement lead by the socialdemocrats in coalition with the Green party without anybody else. We will know in eight days (link)

    Age old question Eryl, no answer. Or better, only “answer du jour”, nach Tagesform. At the moment I think that beauty simply is. independently from the look. But frankly I do not know whether this is an important idea or not. Maybe I should read a bit more in aestheticis, aisthesis, “Wahr Nehmen”
    I am very glad to read a comment from you – and feel terribly sorry for not having shown up at your place for ages. I do not know why, and this happens / happened with other blogs too. After some time I come back like s stray. Thank you for showing up, really.

  9. The prodigal blogger! I confess I often read blogs without commenting, because I don’t have the energy to organise my thoughts well enough to be coherent.
    It was nice to have a clear enough morning to pay you a proper visit. X

  10. Mago I envy that you have so many political parties to chose from! I feel the biggest reason we are in this mess is because of the two party oligarchy system we have been forced to work with. The only thing the Democrats and Republicans can agree upon is not letting a third-party option be viable. They keep the fight between the two of them “us vs them” mentality and the American public gets the shit end of whatever deal comes out of it. We used to say the Office of the President was the highest office of civil service to the American People. Do any of these guys come off as “civil servants” to you? No, clearly the office has become the highest point to reach in a two man pissing contest and the rest of us are all getting wet. Grr! I’m out of ideas on how this can be fixed. I don’t know what will happen.

  11. I sent an email to you Eryl.

    This is something I often wondered about : Why is there not at least one third party ? You could watch a new party arise and form from the late seventies & early eighties onwards, nor only in Germany but in other European countries, the Green Party.
    I think this two-party-system is the result of a certain US mentality : I think the average US citizen feels only contempt for the state. For Joe Average the state is the enemy : “Taxes blabla Taxes blabla …”
    If you want to change something in a state you have to join, and work for it – turning around mumbling “fuck you” will not change anything.
    I think the Republicans are on a very dangerous power trip, they actively work on sabotaging democracy itself in the US by gerrymandering and releasing noxious voting laws – the only aim of the latter is to make voting as difficult as possible for non-white groups.
    They do not draw a line to Trump’s goddamn lies about the last election, they do not draw a line between themselves and the attempted coup from January 6th. And yes : I do believe that the swine will come back and run again as candidate for the “Republicans”.
    I fear that this time the whole society will implode. The absolutely un-democratic principle “us versus them”, the total inability to form compromises, will in the end destroy the unity of these states – like after the end of the SU a lot of “-stans” will be left, Trumpistan will be the largest.
    There is no short-time “fix”, all one can do is to analyse what is, draw these lines into the future, and then hide. I really believe that the US trundles into a violent future, sorry Melanie.
    But in the long run it may be meaningless, sooner or later most Americans will have to move (article, see the maps).

  12. Wise worlds my friend. As George Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Those of us who actually paid attention to history can see the writing on the wall. I just don’t know where “my place” is in it. I had reckless bravado when I was younger because I had nothing to lose. Now I have a family of my own and I hesitate. Always with the fighting for me, but now? My gut eats itself with worry. Is this what getting old is about? Living long enough to watch the pattern repeat?

  13. I hate to admit it Melanie, age, responsibility, all that what comes with a “settled” “existance” – you know what I mean … And of course, age itself. I am now in may late fifties, from roughly fifty onwards you realise more than before how limited time is : Should I really read this ? Should I spent my time on this author ?
    And of course – you see things repeating themselves.
    I was shocked, I admit it, when all of a sudden, a discussion about what we called once women’s liberation, the patriarchat, flared up again : I was so naive to believe that it was all discussed, that it was over, oh man how wrong I was. And when you follow the discussion in the papers / feuilleton(s), the arguments remain the same – yes, patters repeat themselves.
    What do you expect ? Humans are humans …

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