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Here we are, on a greyish and rather cold Sunday afternoon with headaches – not smoke~ & drink-related, but caused by weather and air pressure. As you may have noticed, dear reader, Sunday Music was paused for two weeks, the longest break in the history of this feature (that btw will reach number six hundred in a few months, astounding).
Work started with my co-driver not showing up, I still do not know what happened. I worked alone the first week, and fear that it will stay this way for some time coming. My dispatcher was really not happy, and as I found out, I am not the only one who has to face a bus full of kids alone, but I am the only one on a long trip.
Anyway, it’s the way it is, and it comes with advantages too : I can hear the music I want, I can choose the roads I want, a nice illusion of liberty makes it all more bearable.
The elections in Germany are less than a week away, and it is not possible to determine who’ll win. I read somewhere that more than 30 % of the voters still have not decided whom they’ll elect, most of them will make the final decision only in the cabin, just before they’ll make their cross.
I only hope that enough people will actually go and vote. Especially in the East exists the real danger that many people will simply boycott the election out of frustration about whatever, while the far right busily collects sympathies and recruits its fellowship. There is the real danger that the state of Saxony will see the nazis as strongest party. I personally believe that parts of Thuringia and Saxony are lost. I may be wrong. But if you are a non-white, gay, and/or Jewish you better avoid these areas. And if you still feel the need to spent money in these regions, and get attacked, do not hope that the cops or jurisdiction will help you. As I already mentioned, a court in Saxony finds it is all right when nazis hang out placards with the slogan “Hängt die Grünen !” / “Hang the Green !”
I fear that the coming election will present us with one or two nasty surprises. Enough of this ugly nonsense !
Let’s turn to something nice : Vadim CHAIMOVICH (Ger., Eng.) performs live Henry PURCELLs (1659-1695) (Ger., Eng.) Ground in C Minor. I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be stressless & un-eventfull.



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  1. What on earth has happened? People used to be able to disagree but listen to another’s viewpoint and most of them didn’t hate each other. It’s all become so polarised and nasty.

  2. I can not explain this Z. It is cheap to blame “social” media, but I am sure that it plays a role. Thirty years ago you needed to write a letter to the editor, or an article, or speak publicly, when you had something to say, and / or disagreed with someone else’s opinion. One had to think of arguments, follow a form, and behave in order to not make a fool out of oneself.
    Nowadays people get angry, spill their anger over the keyboard into f.e. fatzebook or yell via flitter, unfiltered, un-reflected, rude. This happens for some years now, and of course this has consequences for the public discourse. The highest lowlight in this respect was comrade Trumpski.

    Yes, there are nasty parts Dinahmow, but it is not the majority.

  3. I agree with Z although I have a few ideas of how we got here. When Marketing and Sales agencies started hiring behavioral scientists to push their wares they opened a deviant era of misinformation. I hate to hear that the Nazis are gaining a strong presence in Saxony! I have no claim to anything in Germany, of course, but knowing that many generations of my family come from there and hearing this makes me sad.

    Too bad I can’t come “on tour” dressed as a Valkyrie and cast as a long forgotten Aryan Princess whose been hiding in the US. I would speak to the militant Nazis and demand they lay down their arms and work to embrace their fellow humans as equals. Well, that’s my flight of fancy for the day. Back to real work. Grandma always loved the piano, the most refined instrument in the world according to her. She hated the violin (so of course I love the violin0, but I still appreciate a good piano composition.

  4. Glad to learn that you like the music MsScarlet.
    The web may be overcrowded, Bloggsville (as Savannah calls it) seems to become a ghost town of its own.

    Yes, misinformation is a serious danger Melanie – on all too many levels. And as usual – if the tools are there, they will be used.
    I have no deeper knowledge of Eastern Germany, all I see is a chronic of violence. It is thirty years now that the first pogroms started, 1991 in places like Hoyrswerda, sheer luck that people were not burnt to death then & there.
    I can not understand, I can not find a way into this whole “thing”, i do not get the thinking, or better : the emotional condition behind all this. All I see is that in many post-communist societies a strong far-right movement took place successfully, be it Poland, Hungary, or East Germany. Its common denominators are national chauvinism, pure hate against “others” – they be “yellow”, “black”, non-hetero, and of course Jewish. Obviously these people see the world as something that is menacing, and brutal aggression against anything outside, anything and anybody “alien”, is acceptable.
    But it is not only the far right in Saxony and Thuringia – yesterday a man shot a twenty year old petrol station employee because he dared to tell the customer that he had to wear a mask. No mask, no beer : Blam. As I read, right into the head, execution style ; cool, pointed.
    Something went wrong on a fundamental level. A dead petrol station person may be nothing special in the US, here we are not accustomed to something like this. There is the “official” outcry, but on “Telegram” you can read people who hail the murderer as a hero who fights against the “overbearing” “state”. These may be only few voices, but this notion does not paint over the sickness, over the plain idiocy of the thinking, and again : I can not follow. I do not understand the emotional setting.
    I do not want to mix all and everything together, there is always the need to distinguish – but at the moment I can not. All I see is that the values I was raised by, like enlightenment, tolerance, openness (candour ?) and curiosity, become more and more trashed, stomped over, ridiculed.
    What frightens me most is the haplessness, the sheer inadequacy of the state’s and society’s reactions. I remember very well how the West German state reacted towards the thread of terrorism in the late seventies and early eighties of the last century. A line was drawn, and it was defended. I was very much younger then, and did not agree with some things, today I see this different. I miss the stoutness of those years, of that society.
    Of course, things change, means of communication change, a society changes – yadayadayada – the basic values should not change, those that allow us to live together in a civilised society. The defence of these values should be strong, even heavy-handed – at least that is what I think right now.

    I read about the election in Canada, dearest Mistress – it seems to me that nothing really changed, did it ?
    Glad to serve you, at least one job I’m good at …

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