11 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. The music is beautiful, however I cannot get over the weird positioning of those fingers. It is unnatural. Trying to space your ring and middle finger like that feels so awkward. The ring finger wants to stay closely partnered with the pinky finger. Fortunately I have not run afoul of any Yakuza bosses in a way that would make me lose my pinky finger. Making the gesture “V” for Victory or as a Vulcan salutation is much more natural by comparison.

  2. Oh, my fingers are completely contrary to Melanie’s! My ring-finger moves more naturally with my middle finger (not the pinky). When I was in college textiles class, I made a pair of bright yellow gloves in which the ring & middle fingers were one!

    Of course, I can do the Vulcan Salute no problem!

  3. Careful IDV I’ve pulled many a man under my spell by convincing them to press their hand to mine.;) Of course I’d expect you to be able to do a perfect Vulcan salute. I’m not sure what to think of your bright yellow gloves. I would love to see a picture if you can find one without too much trouble. We’re you a headbanger in the early years? Doing a lot of the international hand sign for “Rock on?” Hahaha.

  4. If you place your palm on a flat surface and fold your fingering finger under, so the tip of that finger touches your palm you can lift up all the other fingers except for your ring finger.

    I’ll be keen to hear Simone Kermes having a crack at Slipknot’s People=Shit.

  5. Glad you like it Eryl.

    I have absolutely no difficulty with the depicted constellation of fingers,Melanie, and find it very easy to imitate it. As I once heared The Mistress misses one or two parts of their small finger left, she once was abducted by the Yakuza, but she’ll deny it when you ask.

    I can do various greetings with fingers IDV. I learned them all on the road.

    Press one’s hand to yours ? Are you arm wrestling, dear Melanie ? In Bavaria they prefer “Fingerhakeln”.

    Sorry Mitzi, too complicated – press, suck, lift – and the ring finger too. I can not follow.
    I do not know whether Ms Kermes does modern music ?

  6. Mago It seems that I am the weirdo here then! Did the Mistress run afoul of the Yakuza? It usually involves owning them money on Pachinko debts. Should she need an intermediary I could help. I get on well the Yakuza and maybe you remember me once saying. I have a Japanese tattoo on my lower sternum. Always gets me a few free drinks. One of only two tattoos I have on my person. This pandemic has me thinking of getting another. It’s been 15 years at least.

    No arm wrestling. What I meant is that when I flirt with someone I tell them to press their palm to mine to measure the length of our fingers. Few hesitate, none have ever said no. It’s usually the beginning of more intimate relations at my time of choosing.

  7. You are welcome Z.

    I never really understood the fascination of (getting) tattoos. I find some very interesting, some are works of art, the historical ones are fascinating – even “Ötzi”, the mummified stoneage man they found in a glacier in the Ötztaler Alps, was tattooed, an English king (I forgot which one) was tattooed over and over. But there is a big gap between looking at and getting one ; I can asure you dearest Melanie. I’ll stay on the watching side.
    I remember your Japanese inclination very well, especially the “meme” you once made from Japanese words.

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