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Thank GOd it’s Sunday. The last week was a six-day-week, several times through the school year a Saturday is used as normal school day. Thankfully the administration decided to make tomorrow (Monday) the movable day off. I need a two day break badly, things are becoming tense in my vehicle, slowly but steadily.. The reason is simple, I drive alone without a co-driver who looks after the kids. The little boy who can not speak found a new freedom over the weeks, and because he accepts no borders things are close to boiling over. He pulls his neighbour’s hair, kicks – just to put on an angelic face the next moment, kissing the girl next to him on the cheek. In the end I will have to change the order of seating in my vehicle, so a visit to the repair shop is imminent.
I will not get another co-driver, the Knights are handwringingly searching for drivers and other colleagues – and I must say that I saw some people lately I would not call colleagues, if they wouldn’t wear the badge. I usually do not complain officially about a colleague to my dispatcher, usually a serious talk ends disagreements or frictions. But last week this was not possible. I was seemingly not the first, and surely will not be the last one, who has to say something about this special “colleague”, I’ll learn of his departure soon, I am sure.
Today’s Sunday Music is the Great Pumpkin Waltz by Vince GUARALDI (Ger., Eng.). I know that Linus expects The Great Pumpkin (Ger., Eng.) to show up on Halloween, still some weeks to go, but pumpkins start to pop up everywhere around already – and besides this, it is a gentle and friendly music.
I hope you enjoy the music. May the next week come without pulling hair, kicking shins, and slurping sleeves.



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  1. Isn’t it a bit too early for Christmas and snowflakes? Anyway, last night we had minus 2 degrees Celcius, and a clear starry sky. Maybe winter is closer than we expect it … (Nice music, thank you.)

  2. I take off my hat to you,Sir. I could not drive a bus full of unruly children!

    Today I have an appointment with my doctor.He must decide if I am healthy enough to continue driving, then I can apply for another year of driving.

  3. When my friends and I were teenagers we used to like to dance like the Peanuts gang in Charlie Brown. A nice memory of harmless fun. I called it the Snoopy dance. Hands at your side, nose in the air feet doing silly little steppity steps. Thanks for the music that ignited fond memories!

    I’m sorry you do not have a competent codriver to do your route with. Could you try something clever like having a tape recorder that plays kids books on tape? They should be cheap to find now that everyone streams everything through smart phones. My hope is that the kids would be quiet to listen intently to the stories. At any rate, I wish you well my friend!

  4. You are a saint. I couldn’t cope with your job at all – there would be tears and lots of screaming [me mostly]. I like Melanie’s idea about playing story books – OR, try classical music – apparently it calms young people and makes them respectful – so I’ve read.

  5. Autumn now entered it’s grey phase, winter is close. Glad you like the music Anna dearest.

    Apply for another year of driving ?! If they want my driver’s licence they have to come and pull it from my dead hands, ha !
    On my driver’s licence is no “best before date” printed, Dinahmow !

    In olden days we had CDs Melanie, and kids who’d listen to books. This brood insists in playing their own phantasy games, tah !

    They rebel against the classics now, and develop a taste for ACDC. We found out that The Who are consensable. Interestingly the boy who does not speak listens intensy to Miles Davis (!). And no, I am no saint, sorry to disappoint you MsScarlet.

    My patience runs thin after four weeks Mitzi. Now and then I have “Mord im Blick” …

  6. On Frayday I had four (!) emergency stops IDV. Usually I have a serious conversation with the boy who does not speak (no yelling, just serious speaking, he understands most of it, and the tone of the voice is also a message), and this results in five to ten minutes peace. Not so any more, after four weeks he found out that I am no danger while I am driving. So he waited until I was back behind the wheel, and the vehicle moved on, before he grabbed the girl’s hair again. I observed this, and the next time I was only stopping after one meter and turned around – he immedeatedly draw his hand back and smiled at me his most angelic smile. So he learned. To trick me, not to stop pulling hair – just to be clear.
    The only solution I can offer now is another seat – we have one vacant seat unused, in the back row ; using it means that three kids sit next to each other, while the trouble maker is alone in the middle row. I want him to have his daily chance : When the girl enters, sits next to him (what not necessarily leads to blood sweat & tears, but can also result in a lazy, relaxed journey for all), and he behaves in an not acceptable manner, we’ll stop : The girl (or in the afternoon, her brother) will use the additional seat : Bad behaviour results in sitting alone. He is bright enough to understand this, he just does not like to accept borders or to take other people’s spaces and bodies into consideration.
    This morning it all was easy, simply because the girl’s brother did not join us, and she sat with the other boy in the back row. They talked, played phantasy games, while the one who does not speak, talked to himself, and lounged about comfortably. No fighting, no yelling, relaxed driving.
    Seat belts ? Some rusty chains …

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