Sunday Music, Tuesday’s Edition

Last weekend was a mixture of joy & happiness and frustration. The joy & happiness part happened in Suebia right until Sunday midday, when I went to the station. A journey scheduled to take three hours in the end lasted four and a half hour – 50% more for the same price, yay !
I returned to my place only late in the evening. I have no special memory of yesterday, so it must have been a bland & un-impressive day. I have no idea why I did not post Sunday Music – I think I switched on the computer only for an hour or so in the evening to catch up with the news.
I wanted to cook some soup yesterday, but was too tired around midday to do anything useful except sleeping, and in the evening I felt no more inclination to slave over the pots. Today in the late morning I peeled some potatoes and carrots, threw this & that in the pot, added water and had it boiling slowly. And while the vegetables were simmering I took a bath, I still felt the cold from this morning’s drive in my bones. While the water was rushing into my pool, I heard a sound I could not identify, but it was seemingly nothing that needed any intervention. Then I heard water dripping in the kitchen sink. I wondered, because it had not been dripping while I worked in the kitchen earlier, but who knows something for sure about plumbing, or how it is called.
When I came into the kitchen later I found that the pot with the vegetable soup had somehow slid over the stove plate towards the wall, the pot was only with maybe a fifth of its diameter on the heated area. The tap was not dripping, but a cup I had put into the sink empty was filled to the brim with water. I know that the cup was empty when I put it into the sink, simply because I had emptied it shortly before, it was my coffee cup. I have absolutely no idea what has happened there, why a faucet drips, and stops dripping, why a pot with soup slides over the hotplate – what comes next ? A poltergeist ?
Today’s Sunday Music is a little Adagio by Dansk composer Per NØRGÅRD (Ger., Eng.), hope you enjoy it. May this week free from further flowing vessels of any kind, was Wotan weihen wolle, wigalaweia



7 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Tuesday’s Edition

  1. It wasn’t me! I haven’t astral projected anywhere in years. I’ve got too much going on in corporeal form to come around pushing pots and filling cups. Maybe you picked up a mischievous Geist on the train. They say the veil thins between the living and the dead this time of year. The music is fitting! Have a good week. Ask your little stranger to earn their keep or take their leave.

  2. The calendar that hangs in my kitchen is from 2007, the year I took this appartement (and started this blog). You are right Dinahmow, it’s possible that IDV send a spectre, because it is not you, Melanie. You mean I picked one up along the way ? A railway ghost … I am generally a friendly man, so I’ll give the possible entity some time & space – if s~he / it behaves …

  3. Yes, of course. It’s not just places that can be haunted but people. I have walls packed with specters! It’s a shame they make such useless house insulation though. The wind blows right through them! You would think they could make themselves more useful, but everything they touch gets cold and I am always cold and where is by bloody ethereal fire when I need it?

  4. “Ethereal fire” ? Isn’t it just a spark, dear Melanie ?

    That’s long in the future MsScarlet. Like that “garden event” …

    Oh – I never knew that something like that exists IDV ! Careful with your broom – it is cold now, especially over the water, take no risks please.

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