Sunday Music

Beautiful autumnal days, clear skies, golden light. Some days ago we saw a little heatwave with temperatures up to 20° C (!), but then came a storm (that pushed me nearly off the autobahn), and all plummeted back under ten degrees Celsius, where it belongs. Winter wheels were fitted dutifully, no risk there – after all a colleague, who has to visit the Thuringian Forrest twice a week, already encountered snow there last week. Of course nothing that lasts, but nevertheless snow. Some of the families I visit daily, started to cover the windscreens of their cars. The first snowball will fly soon.
I am glad to announce that no more strange activity occurred in my kitchen, no matter if it was a railway ghost in transit (as Melanie suggested), or some Rentaghost who misunderstood the job description (as IDV said) – no more water flowing or dripping, no more moving pots, all quiet on the kitchen front. This is very comforting, because I will use my kitchen after having published this.
Today’s Sunday Music is a happy little piece by Pete JOLLY (1932-2004) (Ger., Eng.) titled Little Bird from his 1963 lp of the same name – I hope you enjoy the music. May the coming week be peaceful, without any paranormal activity.



13 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Snow??? The weather is all over the place here and I either find myself over or underdressed for the elements.
    I was kinda hoping for some more unusual activity in the kitchen! Extra biscuits, and perhaps a freshly made pot of tea when you least expected it.
    Have a peaceful week.

  2. He has to fetch kids in or from a place called Oberhof, that’s where the known world ends.
    My kitchen activity was far from unusual, involved no tea, and of course no biscuits, but vegetables and smashed potatoes.
    The paranormal guest(s) simply refused to do something nice and useful. I think they simply moved on, maybe a lack of atmosphere played a role.
    What do you mean with “all over the place”, dear MsScarlet ?
    Over~ or under-dressed could stand for either snowstorm or Sahara heat – you live in a peculiar place !

  3. Oh, Mago, that was a delightful, jolly (see what I did there?) little number! If that poltergeist/ghost was still around I’m sure it would have been dancing around in your kitchen with the cutlery and crockery.

  4. By Golly – you have it with them words, Mr Inexplicable DeVice !
    Yes, the quietness in the kitchen surely means that the spirit moved on, hence I’m officially spiritless now.

  5. This music is in complete opposition of what is going on outside my window at this moment. The sky gods must be throwing the cats and dogs around and everything else. It is the first storm of the season. Blink blink, I might lose power. Good thing I pulled out the lanterns.

  6. Petroleum lanterns, candles (preferably from real wax, it gives a better light, but they burn faster then the stinky ones made from fat (“Unschlitt”)), and of course the ever unbeatable oil lamp – be braced my dear Melanie. A generator running on petrol or liquified gas could be a good investment. Honda offers systems that use a small motor to produce electricity, heat, warm water, I think it is called a “Hauskraftwerk” or some such. Of course there is no real independence – you need the stuff to feat the engine – but one is surely independent from the grid.
    I hope there is no tree marked to fall on you, yours or your house !

    I am a safe soup maker, dearest Eryl. No need for a coat so far.

  7. Mago Every year we say we should get a generator, but then we opt for saving money. We are so used to just curling up wit blankets and reading by lantern light, it is rarely an inconvenience for us, unless it goes on for days and we want a hot shower. Sadly a mother (58) and son (23) lost their lives when a tree fell on them while driving. We faired very well. You know I take extra care to make sure the trees are strong and well cared for!

  8. Oh yes, I am sure you take care of the trees Melanie ! Without electricity may be possible for some time, but a difficult thing may be the refridgerator. Another possibility would be a nice wood burning thing that helps with producing hot water. Who thought that you have a taste of “frontier life” right now …

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