Sunday Music

Thank GOd for the weekend, thank GOd for the vacancy, one week without driving, and without them lovely children – what a blessing !
I slept very badly over the last nights, on Friday morning I missed my motorway exit road (it cost me less than ten minutes, because it happened within a construction called “Autobahnkreuz West” with the next possible exit in easy reach) – I blame my tiredness, and the fog. I was driving through fog every damn morning last week, and it was fat, sticking, sun-resistant Franconian quality fog, not that flimsy imported nonsense, ha !
At least I had a co-driver this week. A colleague realised that I was driving alone now for a month (or more ?), so he volunteered to come with me. He started five or six years ago with the organisation, and I was the first he accompanied, and introduced him to the job. I am very thankful, a great gesture. After the vacancy he will return to his own vehicle, and I wonder seriously whether my regular companion will show up ever again.
On Tuesday I have to attend a mandatory class (First Aid & stuff), later I will go to Middle Franconia, and finally Suebia. So it is absolutely essential to do absolutely nothing today and tomorrow. With the exception of cooking, there looms another soup.
And while the stuff is cooking, there is time for a little Bourée (d’Avignon) composed by Nicolas VALLET (1583-1642) (Ger., Eng.) performed by Valéry SAUVAGE. (Here is a version by Paul O’DETTE, here the piece is performed by an ensemble, aptly named “Banquet du Roy”.) I hope you enjoy the music. May we all face a relaxing and peaceful week !



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Ha! I thought that soup link would be to a recipe! I’ve now forgotten the Sunday Music Bourée because of “Soooooooup soooooooooup, they give me a bowl of sooooooooooooup”.

    Happy Hallowe’en, Mago!

    P.S. How thoughtful of your colleague to volunteer as your co-driver.

  2. Comes possibly with a soupçon d’ironie … Ah, yes, Hallo ween – I’m still too knackered for anything IDV. I’ll retreat to my sleeping chaise very soon.

  3. I was very entertained by the Soup song, Thank you for that!

    This Lute music is nice. Perhaps I could have been a Bard during Medieval days, only if it would allow me to keep on with my mischievous ways.

    I’m glad someone stepped forward as your co-driver, even if only temporary. Have a wonderful relaxed time off!

  4. Driving through the fog is The Worst. Driving through the fog towards children is even more worser, depending on whether or not you have to go up onto the sidewalk after them. Glad you found a co-pilot to get you aimed in the right direction.

  5. Thank you Melanie.

    Yeah, if I had a Merc the aiming tool would be built in ! Thank you, it is highly appreachiated that you find to comment here through your second honeymoon, Numero Uno !

  6. Sorry MsScarlet, the week simply ignored your good wishes, and fogged all along. It kept on fogging, so to speak.

    Ah yes, the animals. Interestingly I saw no deer, wild boar, not even hares in the curse of this year, dearest Mistress. Ocasionally a fox, who lives in an area I pass. Not even frogs and “Kröten” – those toads that wander once a year back to the place where they are born, usually a pond in the woods, where they then lay eggs. In order to have them not run over and decimated, they are collected, special fences are next to the roads.
    Usually I see them toads – and those who ignore the fence – but this year absolutely nada, not one single toad, squished or not. I asked different people, some are involved in toad protecting, but nobody had an explanation. But most people said that they fear the coming winter will be harsh. Interestingly that was stated by people who live on the countryside, all of them had extra wood delivered or collected.
    I am very glad to learn that you missed the moose Mistress. A collision with such a large animal can lead to dangerous results !

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