9 thoughts on “Sunday Music on a Tuesday

  1. Erm…. that’s extremely rousing, Mr Mags – is someone being coronated? Or put through a blender? Or being added to a sauce?
    Apologies, I have lost the plot – AGAIN! I probably have a box somewhere labelled lost plots…
    Anyhow, have a splendid, and peaceful week!

  2. Blender ? Sauce ? I think the “queen” of sauces is the hollandaise . Then exist a variety of “King’s” and “Queen’s” soups, but I am not familiar with them. I am more of a peasant’s soup type.
    Thank you for the good wishes. This afternoon, and Thursday & Frayday will still be busy, then I am off, and will wait my fate …

  3. I have a theory that that sort of music had to be composed thus in order that all the posh kings and councellors,etc, could walk sedately with tripping over all the bloody ermine they were dragging along!
    I may be wrong…
    I hope you get through your week without tripping. xx

  4. The first part of this piece was used as the opening music for PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) Masterpiece Theater and is I think! I’ve never hreard all of it! Thanks, sweetpea! XOXO

  5. Gravitas, we all need a little bit more gravitas. They had really funky clothes at Louis’ court, where modern moda started seriously.
    When in full regalia it is not easy to move around. I read somewhere that all the jewlery and stuff a French king would have to carry around would weight up to ten kilograms. Don’t nod, or your crown falls off. Have tight grip on the globe through these thick felt gloves. And do not step on my train Dinahmow !

    I vaguely remember some of those blender jokes from ages ago, Melanie. But all I know for sure is that they were inexpressibly doof. What do you want to hide in your kermit sauce ? And btw are the health troubles solved you had mentioned in an earlier comment ?
    A “Drehleier” ! Unzüchtiges Gehölz ! Fanfare des Saufteufels ! They line the road to hell on judgement day ! I think the preacher Abraham a Sta Clara had to say something about these devilish machines.
    But as far as I know he had no musicians killed. The Taliban today forbade all kind of music in Afghanistan. One guy was cited : “We do not have something against musicians, we have all and everything against music !” The musical heritage of Afghanistan is now collected and cared for in Germany. There is no more Afghan music in the Afghanistan.

    So I helped you to the rest dearest Savannah.

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