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What a waste of time, energy, and resources books are. Then they sit there, using precious space, collecting and miraculously producing dust (and new books – I swear I find now & then a book here I never saw before !), grinning. Smirking.
Now it is the time to charge their fortress, to expel them from the area they usurped, they have to leave this chair in the end – ha ! Back in the confinement of the bookshelf, where you belong ! It’s three months since the last post in this category.

CARPENTER, Humphrey : J.R.R.Tolkien. Eine Biographie. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Wolfgang KREGE. Stuttgart 1979. First edition London 1977
CARPENTER (1946-2005) (Ger., Eng.) not only wrote the biography of TOLKIEN (1892-1973) (Ger., Eng.) (whom he met as a student), but also of fellow inkling C.S.LEWIS, and other interesting people. As I understand his text about TOLKIEN is accepted, undisputed.
KREGE (1939-2005) (Ger., Eng.) did not only translate the biography, but also the main œuvre of TOLKIEN, The Lord of the Rings. This did not go undisputed.

ROTHER, Rainer (Ed.) : Bilder schreiben Geschichte. Der Historiker im Kino. Berlin 1991 (Wagenbach Taschenbuch 193)
A collection of essays about the historian and his relation to the medium film. I was mostly interested in the articles by Marc FERRO (1924-2021) (Ger., Eng.) and Nathalie ZEMON DAVIS (*1928) (Ger., Eng.). The English wikipedia article about FERRO is a shame. Rainer ROTHER (*1956) (Ger.) is deeply involved in media studies.

DAMEROW, Peter ; LEFÈVRE, Wolfgang (Eds.) : George ADAMS. Geometrische und graphische Versuche oder Beschreibung der mathematischen Instrumente, deren man sich in der Geometrie, der Zivil- und Militär-Vermessung, beim Nivellieren und ind der Perspektive bedient. Nach der deutschen Ausgabe von 1795. Darmstadt 1985
Mankind started to survey, to measure the world seriously in the 18th century. What tools did they use ? Look into this book and you learn about instruments and practices. The author George ADAMS junior (1750-1795) (Ger., Eng.) was a mathematical instruments’ maker following the tradition of his father George ADAMS senior. DAMEROW (1939-2011) (Ger.) was a German science historian, a studied mathematician, LEFÈVRE (*1941) (Ger.) is a sociologist, actually at the MPI für Wissenschaftsgeschichte.

WITTKOP, Justus F.: Unter der schwarzen Fahne. Aktionen und Gestalten des Anarchismus. Frankfurt/Main 1973
A good readable historical essay about the outer history of anarchism in Europe. WITTKOP does not discuss the theoretical & ideological variants. It is a well written, still readable kind of overview. Sadly WITTKOP (1899-1986) has no wikipedia article, and I did not find him in biographical works of reference. He was married to Gabrielle WITTKOP (1920-2002) (Ger., Eng., obit.), a “marriage of convenience” for both of them.

SIEVERS, Leo : Deutsche und Russen. Tausend Jahre gemeinsame Geschichte – von Otto dem Großen bis Gorbatschow. Hamburg 1991
Originally a series of articles in a magazine, later collected, revised, and published as coherent text. A journalistic work, well written, good readable. SIEVERS (1917-2009) (Ger.) was originally a learned architect, but somehow slid into the German feuilleton of the 1950s. He was a successful writer, and specialised in historical reportage.

To be continued. I am too tired now to go on. And if this catalogue shall still have a chance to be a little interesting for one of you, venerated readers, then the list should not be too long, and boring. The second installment may follow on Monday.

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