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For diversion a Sunday Music on a Sunday. I spent the last working days instructing my successor. I only hope that he’s not too fast, and I mean not only the driving style. My co-driver and me carved out a certain amount of time for this particular “job”, so it wouldn’t be nice if he does it all needing an hour or so less a day. But I think the colleague is seasoned enough to understand this without further discussion.
A lot of discussions took place in Germany over the last week regarding the epidemic situation. I can not understand it, there is nothing to discuss : Get your vaccination as soon as you can.
Violent protests against necessary, heavy-handed actions like partial “look downs” etc. erupted, notably in The Netherlands, but in other places throughout Europe.
The development in Germany is frightening (here is an actual overview in a newspaper). What I find remarkable is not the high number of infections, or the proven connection between voting for the new fascists and vaccination refusal (a simple look on a political map shows that areas with high infection rates are most likely areas with high outcome for neonazi parties – yes there is not only one) – what I find most interesting is the fact that the number of daily vaccinations is pretty high, but the percentage of newly vaccinated people does not go up accordingly (a friend who is good with numbers brought this to my attention). Of the daily vaccinated people roughly two thirds are people who get their third jab (booster), while only one third gets the first (!) or second injection.
According to a survey more than 60% of the still not vaccinated are “absolutely unwilling” to accept a vaccination, 20% are “unsure” (!). If my memory does not fail me, we have now short to 70% of the population vaccinated – what leaves us with nearly 30 % of idiots. I think the number of idiots is even much higher, they want their Karneval and Weihnachtsmarkt, they expect to go on vacancy like usual, they do not wear masks, scramble in the streets and stand close by close – while we (not so) slowly but steadily run out of ICU beds, and people who work in hospitals & care still have no mandatory vaccination.
The really sad thing is that all this was avoidable. The agency in charge, the Robert-Koch-Institut, warned in July and explained what to do. Countries that had been hard hit by the virus, like Spain and Portugal e.g., showed the way out : People vaccinated, and – oh Wunder ! – it works. The head of said institute gave a passionate speech last week where he expressed his anger and frustration, and gave a grave warning. The death toll will rise, no doubt. We see a disaster of political cluelessness, aimlessness, and plain fear of “unpopular” decisions. In the end a loud & reckless minority yells and hollers nonsense, and spineless politicos do not scrap the courage together to follow the advice of experts.
Even the sun is forced to make a statement : The coronahole (image) spews out particles over Earth.
Let’s turn away from the deadly nonsense.
Let’s listen to Mr KESSELs (1923-2004 ) (Ger., Eng.) song titled Lison from his 1969 lp Kessel’s Kit. I do not know whether the title refers to the French river (Ger.), or an Italian white (Ger.). I hope you like the music. May the coming week be relaxed & easy for all of us.



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  1. Really, I do not understand it, where a video is hear~ and / or watchable, or not. It is the same piece of music, it is the same take, the only difference may be that in the version I linked the tone is a bit warmer, someone did some editing. BTW I was not looking for this special piece, I found it by accident, and the version I linked was the only one I was shown. I mention this because I always look for different takes, different artists.
    This real power, as a French philosopher said, is with who controls the limits – the company decides what I actually see. A strict you-need-to-know-basis.
    Anyway – I hope you liked Mr Kessel’s efforts, dearest Savannah.

  2. Waiting for my booster in December – hopefully my double jab will get me by until then. I’m living in an area with currently the highest Covid rate in the UK – so yes, mask up, get vaccinated, and carry on!
    Nice music.

  3. Same here, MsScarlet – only need to finally reach my doctor, their office seems to be besieged. Around here is astoundingly not the highest rate in Bavaria, in fact Lower Franconia had over the last days always the lowest rate and increase – it is bad enough, but compared to other regions, notably in Southern Bavaria, we are damn healthy here. Forget the East, they seemingly have never heard about something like “vaccination”.
    Yesterday 18 “Kreise” (the lowest administrative district) had an “Inzidenz” over 1000 (!) – and 9 of these 18 are in Bavaria. Yes, my mask is my friend, I avoid agglomerations of humans, and hopefully reach my doc this afternoon.
    Glad you like the music – btw did you use Savannah’s link ?

  4. I;m not sure about the kids. Our headhoncho gave a press conference just an hour or so ago. There will be a curfew for non-vaccinated people, they check whether Bavaria can order a “lock down” on its own, the vaccination-stations will be restarted full force. They are fed up with all and everything, and if need be there will be a requirement to vaccinate. A bit late all this, but better than nothing.

  5. We’re having a spike in numbers here in tiny Moffat. The school had to close half its classes and send all the kids home. The local newsagent is closed, according to government guidelines. The Scottish government has just announced it won’t extend the use of vaccine passports to all public venues, and I suspect this is because of those who fear loss of income/freedom/whatever-the-hell are getting more and more vocal. Like Scarlet I’m waiting for my booster in December and, until then, keeping well out of the way of people.

    Nice tune.

  6. Yeah – let’s avoid the virus spreading masses. Here 30 % of the population simply do not accept that a vaccination is the way out. further discussion with them is pointless. I only hope that what we already have a vaccine that does help against the new strain from SouthAfrica !

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