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SARKOWICZ, Hans ; CRONE, Michael (Eds.) : Der Kampf um die Ätherwellen. Feindpropaganda im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Frankfurt/M. 1990 (Sammlung historica, Tondokumente)
This comes in a little plastic box with six CCs (Ger., Eng.) – yes kids, compact cassettes, also known as music~, audio~ or tape cassette. You need a cassette recorder to play them, sadly I have none.
The little booklet describes the known (Western) allied, German speaking, propaganda broadcasting stations through WWII. They did not all quit in May 1945. BTW I still find that someone took the blueprint of the British “Soldatensender Calais” and used it for that “Q”-hoax.
Hans SARKOWICZ (*1955) (Ger.) is a German journalist and works for the Hassian broadcasting service. As for Michael CRONE I am not sure, I think he was temporary head of the Deutsche Rundfunkarchiv ten years ago. Informative little booklet.

RUTSCHKY, Michael : Auf Reisen. Ein Fotoalbum. Erstausgabe Frankfurt / M. 1986 (suhrkamp taschenbuch 1268)
RUTSCHKY (1943-2018) (Ger., Eng.) was a German sociologist and journalist. Not uncontroversial. This is a photographic album ; every page shows a black/white photograph with a two line caption underneath. Absolutely unspectacular photographs taken in 1980s Germany.

DEFFARGE, Marie-Claude ; TROELLER, Gordian : Die Herren. Ein Pamphlet gegen die Männerherrschaft. 1. Auflage Frankfurt/M. Juli 1985
More necessary than ever, a pamphlet against the rule of men. Wir waren schon ‘mal weiter ! DEFFARGE (1924-1984) and TROELLER (1917-2003) (website German only, that English-button did nothing for me) were a restlessly travelling journalistic couple. They did many documentaries together, among them “Frauen der Welt” / “Women of the World” (1979-1983). The pamphlet is a part of this effort.

ARNOLD, Hans Ludwig (Ed.) : Die Gruppe 47. Ein kritischer Grundriß. München 1980 (TEXT + KRITIK Sonderband)
About the German writers, who came together after WWII, and invented literature anew. Of course they did not. In fact it was a gang of cocks. But this is only my own uninformed opinion.
ARNOLD (1940-2011) (Ger.) was an important figure in the West-German literary scene, founder of an influential magazine, critic etc.

KING, Graham : Say “CHEESE” ! Looking at Snapshots in a New Way. NewYork 1984
Today it is not uncommon that snapshots themselves, or the aesthetics of snaps, are in some way used in artistic photographic work. All this seems nowadays to be categorized under “Found Photography”. But the snapshot needed to be discovered. And I think KINGs book is one of the earliest collections. I may be wrong. Sadly I found nothing about “Graham KING”.

BUCHNER, Edmund : Die Sonnenuhr des Augustus.Nachdruck aus RM 1976 und 1980 und Nachwort über die Ausgrabung 1980/81. Mainz 1982 (Kulturgeschichte der Antiken Welt, Sonderband)
The author published two articles in Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archaeologischen Institutes, Roemische Abteilung (= Römische Mitteilungen, or RM). In those articles he explained his research regarding “Augustus’ sundial”, known as solarium or horologium Augusti (Ger., Eng.). BUCHNER came to the conclusion that it was in fact a sundial – an opinion that is not shared among scholars nowadays. Undisputed is the location of the instrument and its connection to the ara pacis (Ger., Eng.) and the mausoleum Augusti (Ger., Eng.) as BUCHNER described it. In the end, another excavation should take place, but these Romans must built their houses anywhere.
BUCHNER (1923-2011) (Ger., Eng.) was a German historian, he held various important positions in scientific organisations.

AKERMANN, Manfred : Die Staufer. Ein europäisches Herrschergeschlecht. Darmstadt 2003
Good readable, modern description of the Staufer dynasty, earlier called Hohenstaufen (Ger., Eng.). From the Alb into the world, from the stupor mundi Friedrich II. (Ger., Eng.) (1220) to the bloody finale of little Konrad’s beheading in Naples (Ger., Eng.) (1268), the poor sod became only sixteen.
AKERMANN (1931-2018) was a Suebian archivist.

Maybe you find something interesting, encouraging own studium & further reading. I am glad that I can put away these books and tidy up. But I know that it is an unequal, and, in the end, vain fight. They will conquer that chair again, I just know it.

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