Sunday Music

It’s all a bit … Corona rages through Germany, thirty per cent are absolutely unwilling to vaccinate. I accidentally met my co-driver some days ago while I went grocery shopping. She is in constant pain, had meanwhile been sent to a pain therapy. In this shape she can not return to the job, I feel sorry for her.
We chatted and I asked whether she finally got vaccinated, and yes, she had two jabs. And started a lamento about this : It is only the politicians who forced her, it starts to feel like in communist Poland again – at this point I asked what the parallels were, but got no satisfying answer. “It feels”, and “you have not been there”, what is right.
My argument that it was an illness, not “politicians” that made her get a vaccination was ignored. In the end it was her greed that made her jump over her shadow : She had visited her mother in Poland in summer, and when the family wanted to return to Germany they had to show valid tests demonstrating their status as non-infected. It did cost money – and because of this she accepted the poisonous attack on her life. She actually calls it a “poisoning”.
What was under the radar for the last weeks, because of corona & new German gouvernement, is the dangerous situation on the Eastern front border of the EU. The idea that the Polish chauvinists protect the European Union, its laws and values they do not share, against a murderous & extortive dictator like the White-Russian despot, has a certain irony to it. Maybe we’ll see a winter offensive in Ukraine, who knows what Vlad will do ?
We were promised “winter”, and I am waiting for the first flakes – but there is nothing except cold wind and grey light.
Let’s listen, as an antidote to all the uglyness, to Idylle from Emmanuel CHABRIERs (1841-1894) (Ger., Eng.) Suite Pastorale (1888), J.E.GARDINER conducts the Wiener Philharmoniker. The video shows works of Édouard MANET (1832- 1883) (Ger., Eng.), a friend of the composer. I hope you enjoy the music. May we all come healthy through a hopefully peaceful week.



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  1. The snow is gone, sorry MsScarlet, it vanished this afternoon. Now we have a cold wind and coat-soaking wetness. Sometimes the drizzle comes with small ice crystals, so it hurts a bit on the skin.
    According to the forecast for the coming days thick clouds spray either that drizzle or snow, they can’t decide … it’s awful !

  2. I never know what to do with myself when people talk crazy talk to me and expect me to be on the same level of thinking as them. The Dental Hygienist does this to me twice a year as I sit in the chair with my mouth open grateful that I don’t have to actually say anything, but grunt in acknowledgement that the words have been understood. The music was a pleasant break from the moment.

  3. One of my husband’s co-musicians and his partner are anti-vacation. They say some very odd things to which I never know how to respond. But they have been incredibly kind to us over the years, so I try not to judge. Their experience of authority has rarely been good, and they seem to muddle expertise with officialdom. They’re not idiots, but they are fettered by experience and education, or lack thereof.

  4. For me it really depends. Sometimes I can not shut up. But I’d definitely shut up when someone pokes my teeth. Yes, I’m a coward, sorry to disappoint dearest Melanie !

    I think that is the deeper problem with all that Eryl : Trust is the final glue that holds a society together – every damn Bratwurst is a matter of trust !
    That these people do not trust the medicine, the injection etc. is just something pleaded, something shoved forward – they do not trust “the system”. And if you understand this mechanism, you understand destabilisation. And exactly this we see in Amurga, and in Europe.

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