Sunday Music

Nothing. I did absolutely nothing today. I did not want to get up in the matutinal twilight, so I stayed in bed. Then I ate what I found in the fridge. I should have read the papers they handed me as preparation for Tuesday’s procedure, but I even could not bring myself to open the folder. I am expected to fill out forms, check boxes. generally declare that I am willingly accepting whatever they want to do with me. Monsters.
On Frayday I found a letter in my postbox. I skimmed through the text, and became angry. So I decided to stuff that piece of paper back into the box, and not bring it into my room at this weekend, I would read it again and become even more agitated. All this stuff will be dealt with tomorrow.
So let us listen to a nice little foxtrot, a composition by Harry REVEL (1905-1958) (Ger., Eng.) titled Closest Love. I hope you enjoy the music. May we all come through this week unscratched.


“Samaya blizkaya lyubov'”, if I get it right.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. The electric eye will be implanted on Tuesday morning Dinahmow, when they are all still shaking from the traditional St.Nick-Blow-Out-Party scheduled for this evening …

    I want to believe it Savannah. Maybe this is the key to well-being in general, the ability to believe in humans. en gros & en detail,

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