Sunday Music

I spent the last week with – let’s call it : adapting. Mostly to the sofa. Or the comfy chair. I will continue with this task, especially after Thursday morning.
Without further ado, here is some Sunday Music. The Icelandic pianist Víkingur ÓLAFSSON (Ger., Eng.) (* 1984) plays from the Wohltemperierte Klavier Prelude und Fugue in C moll BWV 847. A pretty energetic version by young Vikingur if you compare it to the version András SCHIFF (Ger., Eng.) (* 1953) delivers here.
May we come through the next week unscratched – especially those of You, venerated readers, who have to stand some kind of test or interview – chin up etc., all will be good.



14 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I like that, “adapting” I think we’re all doing that right now. I know I am and I’m glad you are, too! The music was perfect to start the week; lively and energetic! Cheers, dear friend! xoxo

  2. I had an examination of the operated eye today. All is well and heals as it should. Someone else had an interview, and it went not bad, all is open & undecided.

    You acquired a new sofa – as in : “I am waiting for a new sofa to materialise, they promised it will be here next week” ? Or as in : “I sit on a new sofa, and talk to my knee” ?

  3. The one I was promised way back in August!!!! It has just arrived!!! They wore masks – chucked it into the hall, and then fled, so all should be well re Omicron.

  4. So it’s Sid proof, well done MsScarlet.

    I an just back from the second operation,and so far all feels well. There is no chocolate Santa waiting for me Eryl, maybe a Lebkuchen later, but I doubt. I have a ready made pizza in the fridge, that will do later.
    I notice that, like a week ago, water has a strange taste right now. Must be a result of the pills they gave me, or the anæstheticum. I can already sit here at my desk and write without the need for glasses !

  5. I can write without glasses, but one or two do help the imagination, dearest Mistress.

    The most noteworthy difference is the light, it is much more strident, louder – I do not know how to translate “schrill” accordingly, sorry. The colours are more intense. It is not unpleasant, just something I have to accommodate to. I wonder what it will do with my photography.

  6. FirstNations: I’m looking at a cataract surgery next year. With one good eye. I hope it goes as well as yours did! Brave man; I’m dreading it.

  7. No worries FN ! It is a standard procedure, done more than 80 thousand times daily in Germany alone. Modern drugs are great, no payne, no infection. Great new lenses – you’ll wonder how it changes your perception. And of course, I am a hero, vaillant & brave ! Thank you for recognising.

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