No Real Sunday Music

Here we are, somewhere between the years. The strange non-christmassy christmas behind us, the quiet & sober turn of the year in front of us. “Quiet & sober” is what the gouvernement wants it to be, responsible citizens don’t mingle with the crowd, do not gulp down booze in public places, and do not shoot fireworks. All rather pietistic, morally outstanding, and boringly green. What seems to describe the future of Germany under the new gouvernement.
I hope you spent the last days as comfortable as possible, hopefully without emotional stress and strain. It may continue to go this way until we wake up in a new year. I am sorry, I feel not loquacious. I sit and watch the rain, racing clouds, and now & then I talk to some vegetable. Sadly they have no answer to the age-old question Where Are We Going ?, here asked by Mr Donald BYRD (1932-2013) (Ger., Eng.) on his 1972 longplayer Black Byrd (Eng.). I hope you enjoy the music.
I thank you all for dropping by – in the end the comments make the blog ; all this would be nothing more than futile soliloquies without you, venerated reader : I wish You all the best for the time to come !



12 thoughts on “No Real Sunday Music

  1. No Issues, and no Tissues – that’s the motto, dearest MsScarlet !

    Fine to have hit at least once in a year, dearest Mistress ! A year with such a name as “2022” simply must be good !

  2. Adapting to the changing surroundings, what nature demands since the beginning. I believe that we will have a shot included in the annual influenza vaccination. Now I only hope to avoid the “little o”, who wants to be hit when the end of the war is already in sight ?
    Happy bird watching Eryl !

  3. You have vegetables?!? I’m still trying to finish the Christmas leftovers. In fact, I’ve just found an old jar of sweet pickled onions at the back of the fridge and devoured five (along with some cheese and crackers). Pickled onions count as part of one’s recommended daily vegetable intake, don’t they?
    It’s either them or some parsnips that I dug up from the allotment. They’re laying in the carport at the mo – I can’t be bothered to wash all the mud off and do something with them…

    You may not feel loquacious, but your choice of music is divine! I’m just going to give it another listen.

    Happy New Year! x

  4. Cheese and crackers ! I will have to look for this stuff when visiting the supermarket again – to buy bubbly, and I want a good one ! Pickled onions sure are part of the recommended intake, but I have none, instead here are “eingelegte Gurken”, pickled cucumber. I had to look up “parsnip”, we know it as “Pastinake”, I have no clue where this name origins from. You could make soup from them, or maybe a puree. I*ll have to face a kohlrabi later today.
    Glad you like the music – happy New Year IDV !

  5. Roasted Root Vegetables are one of my favorite things about Winter. We have snow and ice, compounded by pandemic-related supply chain shortages, so when I went to the store yesterday it was very crowded and many of the shelves were bare, especially in the produce department. Everyone was good-natured and accommodating enough as we all moved about each other, but there was a distinct feeling of low-grade panic in the air. This is the land of plenty. We are well and truly spoiled here. It’s not often our shelves are bare, and stores overcrowded. I didn’t really need anything of importance, so I felt more like a steady reinforcement to the common goodwill. I got my two sweet potatoes to roast and that was enough.

  6. Sun is shining, it is astoundingly warm under a clear blue sky. I was in a supermarket after one o’clock, and it was pretty crowded, all the people were shopping for last minute something to eat, and champagne, of course. No shortages whatsoever. I hope it will be easy – and hopefully a silent change of the year, fireworks were not sold this year..
    Best wishes Melanie !

  7. Frohes Neues Jahr Mistress.

    Austere ! How glad to see you again ! I looked at your latest image – the calendar I need !
    I hope you came through all this unharmed, I guess you miss travelling a lot.
    I am sorry that I can not comment on your blog, but anyway there will be an email in the near future, I just have to collect meself again here.
    Thank You for dropping by ! Peace, love, and understanding !

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