New Year, New Challenge

When I sat down at my desk this evening here in Franconia, I swear I heard a kind of “blobbing” sound, maybe it’s the chair’s way to express its happiness to be used again.
First things first : Happy Birthday , best greetings and wishes to Savannah, that L.A. Lady !
And of course – Happy New Year to all of You, venerated readers !
Now that the future has already started, let’s learn something new, the first & only Public Service Announcement on this blog – may it be helpful all year ’round ! And beyond ! To The STARS !



9 thoughts on “New Year, New Challenge

  1. I watched this with the sound off and it was like watching the O’Jays in motion. Vaguely. Sort of. I’m just about done laughing now, though. And Happy New Year to you too!

  2. I am happy to have contributed to the civilisation of the world with this link, dearest FN.

    He shows posture, movement, elegance even – all that tango finally pays off. Sorry Melanie, I have no idea about Spanish door opening techniques.

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