Sunday Music

The first week of the new year is behind us, and it feels a lot like the old year, just with snow. There would be a lot to say about the attack on the US capitol on 6th of January last year – a coup attempt, and as Mr CRUZ in a fleeting fit of honesty said correctly, a act of domestic terrorism – but I will not bore your pants off, venerated reader. I am in gloom about the political future of the US, I think the “Trumpistanyfication” is inevitable. Anyway – as long as you stay overseas …
Tomorrow Franconia will be declared open again, business as usual for all & everywhere. Not for me, yet, I am still excused until the twenty first, perhaps longer. That depends on the result of tomorrow’s examination. My eye doctor mentioned something like “lasering”, I only hope she will not pull out the “phaser” tomorrow morning.
Today’s Sunday Music is a little happy dance performed by the TINGVALL TRIO (Ger.) from their 2008 lp Norr. I hope you enjoy trolldans – may we face a peaceful week !



4 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. Interesting trees. They don’t seem interested in stand tall and upright but rather dance in millimeters year after year. I still have hope that things will work out and there will be no 2024 Trump run. There are still a lot of gears moving behind the scenes, not all of them are in his favor.

  2. Thank you for being there Mistress.

    From Your mouth to GOd’s ear, Melanie, and let’s hope she / he or it finally listens to you !

    The griping will be published soon, dearest MsScarlet …. I will ignore the US now until something useful will happen.

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