Sunday Music

Nothing happened here. It is grey and cold, foggy, and sometimes wet. I dutifully munch the pills and drip the drops, thankfully nothing became worse, maybe there is even a small tick upwards. I definitely need something to protect my eyes from the loud colours, it all is too “grell”, gaudy, it hurts after two hours latest.
Sitting & staring at the screen is no good idea under these circumstances. So I listen more. And sooner or later one stumbles over Suzanne CIANI (b. 1946) (Ger., Eng.) (she explains her work), Delia DERBYSHIRE (1937-2001) (Ger., Eng.) (Ziwzih-ziwzih, 1968), and the first of them, Daphne ORAM (1925-2003) (Ger., Eng.).
Today’s Sunday Music is the sound track for an English advertisement of a tumble wash machine. I chose it because it is short, funny & reminds me not to forget washing clothes next week. I hope you like the sounds.
May we face an uneventful week.



8 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m suprised they did not advise to wear sunglasses after the procedures were done! Yes, it is a good idea to help your eyes rest and recover even now. It has been the same weather here too, and I agree that sometimes one needs the shades in the bright white-gray fog. Take care and have a good week my friend! My laundry is in! I just have to remember to fold it. That can take up to three days sometimes.

  2. Once a year my maid of all work gets an invite from the eye screening clinic, after her procedure she has to wear sunglasses for a few hours, she’s not allowed to drive either, so muggings here has to do it, whilst she sits there like a bargain basket Jackie O. Would a pair of rose tinted glasses help take away the grey? A good tip when doing the washing is to turn socks and underpants inside out so they have good contact with the detergent and you can peg them out to dry with confidence.

  3. Thank you MsScarlet. Now I just need to find the right pair – greenish or yellowish lasses ? I think I’ll go for full eclipse and full plastic.

    Ach, laundry … if I would not be that lazy the stuff would already hang in the closet. But I must wait for the stars to align in the correct way first … What colour do your shades have, Melanie ?

    Thank you Mistress !

    Rose tinted, I think this is worth a try, but I am not too convinced Mitzi.

  4. I just go with classic black on black sunglasses that can go over my regular pair glasses. The surgeries greatly improved my vision, but I was never going to be completely free of wearing glasses. Since these are not fancy or expensive sunglasses it allowed me to buy two, one to keep in the car and one for the house by the door (for walks and working outside.)

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