Sunday Music

I could just re-use the first paragraph of last week’s Sunday Music. The only difference would be that we meanwhile had snow, and that it’s colder than a week ago. It’s called winter. I saw my generala doctor, was examined, and he found nothing bad, what I found really nice.
I was terribly lazy over the last week, but this has to change. Tomorrow, yes tomorrow …. I seriously have to deal with some stuff before the end of the month, never thought that a damn email, a simple telephon call could be “demanding”. Tomorrow.
This Sunday Music is a poetic little piece titled Norteña, composed by Jorge Gómez CRESPO (1900-1971) (about, I found no wikipedia article about him in any language). Here it is performed by John WILLIAMS (Ger., Eng.). I hope you enjoy the music. May we face a peaceful week.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music

  1. I’m pleased your doctor found nothing untoward, and I hope the eye is improving.
    Not a lot going on here either, other than watching the Government disintegrate.

  2. Glad your doctor’s visit went well! It’s always grand when they find nothing. Your musical selection went over very well with Big Girl Matrix just now. As it played she started dancing all around the kitchen! xoxo

  3. It is always a bit unsettling when they look for signs of rot, or anarchy of cells. I think cancer is basically nothing else but anarchy, these cells simply skipped their in-built plan, and follow now something else. They simply do not care for the rest any more, damn selfish egotists.
    My news consume sunk noticeably, and I think it is good this way. As long as there is no war in the East all is well.
    I have the feeling that my eyes are a little bit imrpoving.

    Yes, and it always gives me the feeling of having dodged the bullet …
    This is something really fine Savannah – that my Sunday Music makes her dance !
    HA !

  4. I like your description of Cancer cells being Anarchists. It’s true! I had a breast cancer scare some years ago and as I stood in the shower waiting for the Doctor to call with more information I wondered if there was a traitor here in my breast. That is what cancer feels like to me, a betrayal of some cells against the others, against the body itself. I hope you accomplish your necessary task quickly and painlessly early in the week. Best to just get it done with.

  5. My interest was highly piqued when I read ‘generala doctor’ then I realised it meant general and not genitalia. Glad you are improving.

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