Sunday Music, Monday Edition

Is it ennui or disgust I feel ? I can not decide. Yes, I cut back on my news intake. But old habits die hard, and last week Thursday or Frayday or the night in between, I travelled several news channels. And I saw wretched things.
I read an article in the NZZ by Leon deWINTER (Ger., Eng.) about a book that claims to answer the question who betrayed Anne FRANK and her family. To make a long story short : The answer this “team of cold case specialists” and “historians” gives, is worth absolutely nothing. They built a wild “theory” based on one (!) anonymous message from 1946 that is already known to historiography, and evaluated as useless because leading nowhere. I do not know what this book is, I am inclined to follow deWINTER who calls it a crime. And I also follow him when he insinuates that the USAmerican publishing house that financed this lousy “research” wanted to see results, understandable after three years. And so they produced their final solution, and presented the world a Jewish man as the wretch of the century, a man who conveniently is dead since 1950, and who was a member of the “Judenrat”.
(Excurs : If you want to learn about the holocaust, especially the shoa, read Raul HILBERG (1926-2007) (Ger., Eng.) : The Destruction of the European Jews, first 1961. Also look at Georg MOSSE (1918-1999) (Ger., Eng.) : Toward the Final Solution: A History of European Racism, 1978. I am sure that HILBERG somewhere explains the role of the “Judenräte”.)
In the same news I found that somewhere in Tennesseistan Art SPIEGELMANs (Ger., Eng.) Maus (Ger., Eng.) is pulled from the school libraries, because it contents bad words and – horribile dictu ! – the image of a naked, dead, female body. I can not help, but the only people I can imagine, who have an interest to ban Maus from school classes, are people who are either openly fascist, or plain idiotic. Banning books seems to be something quite normal in parts of the untied states.
Speaking about plain idiots : Finally I saw the guv’ner of West Virginistan show the world the arsehole of his dog – he really held the dog up and showed its anus around – and told Bette MIDDLER to kiss it. Because she insulted the “state”, in a tweet, some weeks ago. Yo, all hail da big chieftain.
After that I turned to European news. They are dominated by the Eastern non-war. The only man who stays calm as marble, besides Vlad, is the Ukrainian president. He lounges in an armchair and tells the people to stay cool. He is either absolutely pointless – what I can not believe : You do not become president of a fine-tuned mafia state when you are absolutely simple, simplicissimus so to say. – or he knows something we do not know. I assume the latter.
Anyway, if they want to shoot, they should start soon, because now the ground is still frozen. After winter rasputiza (Ger., Eng.), the Wehrmacht did know something about this, and even the most advanced Russian tank still can not fly over groundless bog.
Ennui or disgust. Was it ever different ?
Est secretum. By Oreste RAVANELLO (1871-1938) (Ger., Eng.), sadly I did not find the names of the performers. I hope you enjoy the music. May we have a peaceful, and productive, week.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Music, Monday Edition

  1. I’m still scathing about the new Highway code rules that allows cyclists to ride two abreast in the middle of the road, can you imagine the tailbacks that’s going to cause across the CUNTry with cars and lorries chugging out their toxic fumes? What’s Rita Gumberg going to say about that I wonder? I can see in my mind’s eye the alfalfa munching, lycra clad morons being deliberately mowed down by irate drivers and I for one would not be a witness to it, they can go and fuck themselves with the rough end of a pineapple. I’m livid and disgusted.

  2. Too true MsScarlet – maybe this is the title for your next ketchup “The Calm Week” ?

    Oh, “Freedom Truckers”, the purest of the pure, fighting for their right to get infected, yes it is a marvellous world. Intimidating mask wearing people and chanting “Fuck Trudeau” are just manifestations of folklore. Reminds me : A judge in Saxony exculpated people who sold little gallows with messages like “For Merkel”, and others, because it is “folk art”. Say no more, dearest Mistress

    I saw pictures of groups of laughing cyclists in a tabloid. I have no idea why something so dangerous and ineffective became a law in the UK. I always thought traffic should flow, not stand.
    Best are those guys who bimble along in the middle of the lane happily ignoring the bicycle lane next to them. My co-driver once leaned out of the window and told such a nice person “There is the cycle lane !”, and was greeted with a healthy “Arschloch”. I could manage to pull the vehicle away before she lost the lid. “It’s humans, Mitzi, but not as we know them !”
    Anger management at home … maybe a nice first person shooter does the trick ? I once found a conversion where the evil slimy monsters were replaced by teletubbies. It was satisfying.

  3. It’s strange to me that Kirsten Simen from Arizona would get censured, but not Manchin who is as high quality as the shit his dog poops from its anus. I have actually been to West Viriginia, which is beautiful country, but it’s one of the poorest, least educated states in the union, along with Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. The Tennessee school board was likely all too happy to be given something to be upset about without bothering to read the book. At best they flipped through it quickly and said, “Rubbish” likely because there was not enough mention of God or depictions of American flags.

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